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{Weekend Discount} Only a few hours left!

June 29th  •  Posted in Design

Just a super quick mid afternoon post to remind you can still have a chance to claim your 20% off all the ad spots from my sidebar and sponsor my blog this month for super cheap: the small spots comes at only £3,5 and the large spot at only £9 this weekend only – only first 8 users until Monday h. 10am! Use the code OPENINGTHESIDEBAR at checkout to claim your 20% off! Also I still have a few free swap spots to be filled for the next month – find all the listings below or here



Opening the sidebar (20% OFF)

June 26th  •  Posted in Design

Miel Café is growing pretty quickly recently and I’m so happy about my blog right now, I never felt so passionate about something like with this little space online, and being that I work on it and my little blog design business full time, I decided to open my sidebar to some sponsors.

Not that I think my blog will be the biggest in a few months, but recently I’m all about thinking about spamming and sponsoring your own blog and what it means to me, and I think it’s so important to have a chance to stand out even if you’re on a budget, have a little blog or business and can’t stand out by your own between the sea of blogs nowadays. I do appreciate when big or small blogs give you the chance to advertise and place a little banner of your blog in their sidebar to drive you some traffics, especially when they think about bloggers on a budget. I also love swaps and think it’s a great way to support other blogs you like while they are supporting yours.

Many and many blogs are opening their sidebars to some sponsors today, which with me is totally fine and I like to support them sometimes when I can especially blogs I really like. I don’t really want to make my blog a business anytime, don’t judge me, it’s just that I work on it practically 24/7 and I just like the idea of helping others while others are helping me. This is a pretty scary step actually, I’ve been thinking about opening my sidebar from a while now and finally decided to just do it hoping you can appreciate. So I created a few packages which you can find here or here, and which include three swaps, eight small and one large ads per month. Hopefully you can find something for you between them whether you’re looking for a free swap or a super affordable ad!

You can get 20% off everything from my sidebar this weekend (until Monday 30/06) using the code OPENINGTHESIDEBAR at checkout – ONLY first 8 users!

Here is a little summary of what I offer:
. Swaps – free little banner space at the bottom of the sidebar which still ensure visibility. Three places available per month, two displayed a time on rotation. This is completely FREE, all I ask for is my banner in your sidebar in return! I love swaps and I hope to find some good matches to my blog!
. Small – this is a super affordable ad space for blogs and business on a budget. Displayed in the middle of the sidebar eight a time with rotation for fairness, hopefully this will attract some of my readers which may will click on your banner. Coming at only ~ £4, I tried to make it the more affordable I could to help any blogger really!
. Large – coming at only ~ £11, I decided to offer also a large advertising spot, which will be accurately selected if there will be more options in order to fit with my blog. This will have a large ad space on top of every other banner and there will be only one available per month. This advertiser will have a dedicated q&a post and two #ff on Twitter per month – it’s the best and affordable way to increase your traffic!


Why I love blog design

June 6th  •  Posted in Design

✂ being that I work with colors, illustrations, codes, fonts every day every hour, it really keeps my creativity alive as I always push myself to find new ways to express what I have to say in that particular moment of my life, or what others try to say through their blogs
✂ I love getting to know new people and their blogs, there are so many different kinds of blog and little business out there that I wish every of them could stand out and become bigger one day in their own ways
✂ it makes me see how different people’s tastes can be and how anyone has a different perspective of what it’s beautiful
✂ I love seeing how people treat and love their blogs – and how happy they are right after seeing their new interface
✂ I love seeing how important a blog can be, sometimes it’s truely a little extension of ourselves
✂ it makes me experiment and learn new things everyday
✂ it pushes me to do something I may would have never done by my own
✂ it allows me to talk to a lot of different people from all over the world with so different blogs or little business but all having big dreams to share
✂ I love creating and seeing something coming out from nothing to something beautiful
✂ I love sharing and helping other bloggers to have a beautiful space online that can express their personality and tastes

You know, coding all day can be a bit stressful sometimes but I still do love what I do and even though it sometimes just feels so overwhelming it still makes me so happy and satisfied once it’s finished. Also my little design shop has had a make over recently and I also started selling two one of a kind design, Flora and Olive, so if you’d like to check out some of my new works and are maybe interested in buying something, I have a little weekend discount code for a 10% off everything until next Monday using the code ILOVEBLOGDESIGN10 at checkout!

Check out my design shop here!