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A Guide to The Grown Up Picnic

July 4th  •  Posted in Food

A Guide to the Grown-up Picnic

Oh, picnics. There’s anything nicer and more summery than spending the morning in the kitchen putting together your favourite portable recipes, filling up a basket and heading outside to eat on the grass? It has been three years that I have had the perfect picnic all planned in my mind (recipes, decor and even what I wanted to wear!) and this Spring I promised myself this year was going to be *the year*!

We have waited for the perfect weather, the perfect peaceful hours and the perfect shadow in the grass to finally put together our very own grown up picnic. I bought sunflowers to make things more summery, prepared lemon infused water the night before, and together we found an old wooden board that served us well to lay out our food on something solid. I tied up some jars with cute ribbons and hanged them to the tree branches and popped in some fresh flowers hand-picked from the garden, and then spent my morning in the kitchen putting together picnic-approved foods from scratch!

Truth is this picnic was planned in every detail since a couple of months (by this crazy lady that’s typing!), but the best thing about it all was putting it together! – so if you’re curious on how to prep a perfect grown up picnic, then read on because I have a full guide for you with three fresh, fancy and vegetarian recipes to try the next time you’re eating on the grass!…

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Three Healthy Juices Recipes

March 24th  •  Posted in Food

Three Healthy Juices Recipes

Three Healthy Juices Recipes

Spring… I’m never this excited to welcome a new season if not with Spring! Juicy summer fruits are what I miss the most in colder month, and when the first warm comes out I just can’t help but be excited about the months to come and the juicier, softer fruits we’ll be blessed with each day!

Since upgrading our centrifugal juicer to a masticating one lately, we have been having a lot of fun rediscovering our love for fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. The whole point of healthy eating is coming to enjoy all the amazing seasonal products and we are surely mastering the Spring fruits and vegetables juices this year!

Actually we’ve been compiling a small recipe book with our favourite flavour combinations and we are having fun trying new ones each time. Juicing is an art, I’ll tell you! So I thought I’d share with you three of our favourites juices recipes so far, all of them with lots of health benefits and great flavours added to the mixture!

Three Healthy Juices Recipes

Rich in Vitamin C thanks to the amount of citrus involved, great for digestion thanks to celery, jam-packed with antioxidant from carrots, ginger and celery, this one is a great gloomy morning pick-me-up with its bright color and the vibrant taste!

To make, put the following ingredients in a juice extractor:

2 Pears, peeled and sliced
1 Apple, peeled and sliced
1 Orange, peeled
1 Grapefruit, peeled (half if big)
1cm ginger
15cm celery
3 medium carrots, peeled (if non-organic) and sliced



Featuring detox, antioxidant, energizing beetroot (also great for the cardiovascular system) and organic lemon, rich in healthy Vitamin C, this one is a detox dose of healthy products our bodies would need each day of the year! Use organic lemon with zest for an extra dose of cleansing properties! It will be hard to believe how naturally sweet this is!

To make, put the following ingredients together in a juice extractor:

3 Apples, peeled (if non-organic) and sliced
1/4 beetroot, cubed
1/2 organic lemon, with zest (only if organic)
1cm ginger

Three Healthy Juices Recipes


Three Healthy Juices Recipes

Put strawberries in any juice and you’ll make me happy. No real surprise this one is my personal favourite! It’s sweet just enough, but rich in flavour, fresh and juicy! Great for digestion thanks to fennel, and also rich in antioxidant, cardiovascular properties, and with that hint of strawberries great for skin and nail health, this is “Spring in a bottle” to me and will surely put in a good mood!

To make, put these ingredients in a juice extractor:
2 Apples, peeled (if non-organic) and sliced
4 Kiwi fruits, peeled and cut in halves
1/2 medium fennel (or 1/4 if big), sliced
4 Strawberries
1,5cm ginger

*The colour may vary based on how ripe your strawberries are, but it’s generally pink – hence the name, I know it’s not very pink in pictures!

Don’t know about you and your juicing experiments, but so far, no matter how risked our flavour combinations are, I’ve loved every single one! Even if there’re veggies in there I would never really eat otherwise, and surely not if raw! Probably this is the whole point of it all! I genuinely can’t wait for summertime now – they will be such a pleasure to drink straight from the fridge!

Would love to know if you give them a try or if you have any recipe to suggest! x


Take Five With: Teagime

February 25th  •  Posted in Food

Take Five With: Teagime

I’ve always wanted to try a teatox programme but somehow I’ve always been restrained by words like “painful colon-cleansing effects” or nausea, cramping and so on. That until I had the pleasure to discover Teagime just a month ago: Teagime aims to be a new, all-natural, gentle teatox programme with uniqueness in mind. They create tea blends based on the client personal preferences in flavours and needs, listening to their teatox unique goals and basing on the period of the year as well as their current body and skin conditions.

I don’t know about you, but that to me screamed “high quality service” and “brilliant idea”. Plus their blends are thought for long-term-uses, made by selecting 100% natural ingredients to fit with your personal needs, to create very gentle blends to help you being healthy without side effects.

Take Five With: Teagime
Take Five With: Teagime
Take Five With: Teagime

I was amazed by the fact a quick questionnaire understood me so well: all the blends I’ve received not only are totally up my street for their lovely and gentle flavours, but they are also focused on what I desired the most from my teatox: energy boost, metabolism increasing, fat burning and clearer skin!

It felt a real treat and a lovely surprise as well to open my box and read about the blends they put together just for me and my needs, and why they picked a certain tea, herb or flower keeping my requests always in mind. And never forgetting about my flavour preferences as well (I was so afraid of finding a blend with cinnamon in it!).

Take Five With: Teagime
Take Five With: Teagime
Take Five With: Teagime
Three Blends

They send a 100% personalised box of three different blends: morning blends usually focus on boosting energy and charging you up for the day, their afternoon blends are great to fight mid-afternoon sugar cravings, while their evening picks would usually help with digestion and relaxation.

My morning blend is my very favourite with a gentle touch of peppermint for a morning pick-me-up, stress-relieving and immunity-boosting holy basil and regenerative milk thistle, making it the perfect blend for the cold mornings of this time of the year. My afternoon Teagime is jam-packed with bee pollen to reduce cravings, also featuring oolong and lemon balm (one of my favourite in teas!). Lastly my evening blend is the most relaxing and such a pleasure to drink with passion flower, nettle and rooibos to aid digestion and clear the skin.

I’ve been having my Teagime religiously everyday since a week now and, although results will be visible in a little bit more time, I already see my skin clearer and definitely feel nicely awaken in the morning even without my usual dose of caffeine – my morning blend seems to keep my energy levels high!


If you like tea and usually prefer 100% natural ones and have always wanted to give a teatox programme a go, I really think Teagime is worth a try – and no, not only for their beautiful tea-bag-shaped infusers coming as a gift in your first box!

Have you ever given a teatox programme a whirl yourself? x

* My Teagime box was sent as a gift to review but all the opinions & love for the brand are my very own as usual!