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A Taste Of Clarity

February 4th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

A Taste Of Clarity

Usually, I’m a volcano. I am a creative at heart and it’s not a big secret by now, and I have all the ideas all the time, always feeling so annoyed days only come in packages of 24 hours and finding myself frustrated that there’s just too little time to do it all.

This last month I have been busy with work as I’ve never been before, and I’m excited about it like I’ve never been earlier, but on the other hand, after nearly three weeks straight of not seeing a weekend nor a full day of time-out, I start feeling exhausted, stressed out and bleary.

This happens to me so often, I lose focus of what I’m doing because I’m too focused on doing all the things that pop in my mind and do them immediately. I have lately discovered that, while approaching to life with that same enthusiasm and positivity I so much love about myself, taking time to slow down, unplug and be mindful, to consider that you really can’t do it all and now (but you will one day, just not now), it’s so fundamental for a balanced lifestyle.

A Taste Of Clarity
A Taste Of Clarity
A Taste Of Clarity
A Taste Of Clarity
A Taste Of Clarity

This year I have set myself a goal to take more time for the things I love and find a section of my days to dedicate to them and nothing more. I have always wanted to have more time to cultivate my hobbies, now it looks so clear to me that to have time for yourself, you have to make some.

The lovely people at JING Tea are focusing on the concept of clarity this year, and their idea of staying present and mindful totally worked as a gentle reminder to me, that I need to switch off more often and remind myself of my goal for 2017. And since I promised myself I was going to do more things I love, of course I’m excited to have tea joining me on the journey.

The tea in pictures is my new favourite thing I can possibly think of at the moment! A mix of fresh and intense JING Peppermint Leaf and their amazing Whole Rosebuds for a floral touch, which not only make my tea taste so smooth and sophisticated, but they are also so beautiful to look at! Together they make the perfect pair.

A Taste Of Clarity
A Taste Of Clarity
A Taste Of Clarity
A Taste Of Clarity
A Taste Of Clarity
A Taste Of Clarity

Last week the Winter sun was less cold than usual and that made me want to take time to go outside for a walk, no technology included, just me and the fresh crisp air. Because I also love that too. That’s something I’m already missing now that the weather is back being miserable, but this means I can spend time cultivating my knitting hobby inside!

And drink tea, always tea…


How do you find time to switch off and remain mindful? x

In January I’ve Loved…

January 31st  •  Posted in Favourites

In January I've Loved: my January favourites 2017

In January I've Loved...

OK so I’m not sure where the time’s gone already, and it’s only the beginning of the year, but January it’s already over when the year seems to be just started to me! Anyone else?

This last month I’ve been all about staying cosy, being healthier and grab inspiration everywhere, and this is perfectly reflected in my January favourites selection! So here are a few things I’ve loved this last month…

January Favourites: Neal's Yard Rose Facial Wash

Rose Facial Wash – Neal’s Yard


This month my beauty regimen has been extremely basic, even more than the usual, but one thing I was excited to try was this 100% organic Neal’s Yard Rose Facial Wash I’ve been meaning to buy for quite a while now. This cleanser is making me excited to get out of bed every morning (even though I swear I can’t feel my feet everytime they pop out of the duvet) just for its amazing and calming rose scent!

It’s a pleasure to use: so nicely gentle, refreshing and easy to apply, it makes for the perfect morning and evening cleansing routine. Apparently it’s one of Neal’s Yard best sellers and I can easily see why!

January Favourites: Pukka relaxing tea and NothingFishy Omega 3 tablets
January Favourites: Omega 3 algae-based tablets by NothingFishy

Organic Relax Vata Tea – Pukka ; Algae Omega 3 ℅ NothingFishy


You know I love my nighttime teas, and I just needed the perfect excuse to incorporate the same flavours and scents in my everyday tea. So this Pukka option, featuring organic chamomile, fennel and marshmallow root, totally felt very appropriate this January. Everytime I curl up with a cup of this sweet tea, I can’t help but enter a cosy and calm mood that’s doing a lot of good to concentration and with helping to switch off!

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve been very interested into implementing Omega 3 into my diet but have always struggled to find tablets that didn’t taste fishy or contained any fish oil at all. I was so excited to be introduced to NothingFishy!

They make Omega 3 tablets from algae only, because the actual primary source of Omega 3, and also where fishes are getting them in a first place, are algae (of course, why didn’t I discover that earlier?!). This also means you’re not getting all the nasties and pollution that fishes absorb from the sea, because their algae are grown in a controlled environment. Aside from the fact that the packaging is extremely nice, I’m really loving these tablets a lot this month: being vegetarian, I’m excited to have found an Omega 3 alternative that’s healthy and environment-friendly and completely vegan. Do check them out!

January favourites: cosy and soft wool from Drops and De Rerum Natura
January favourites: How To Style Your Brand book

Knitting wool: Drops Alpaca Silk & De Rerum Natura Ulysse ; Book: How To Style Your Brand


You might remember when my knitting obsession started last November: well, it’s still going strong! I’m in the process of making my very first sweater right now, but I’m constantly after new patterns and wool to try and have fun with. If you follow my Instagram profile you’ll know all about this topic and my preferences by now, but I’m 100% obsessed with the softest warmest wool by Drops, which is one of the wools I’ve picked for my sweater project (more on that soon!). But I’ve also just discovered French De Rerum Natura, that produces and sells beautiful ecological wool made in France – I can’t wait to cast on some new projects this February!

Lastly, this month I’ve read Fiona Humberstone’s How To Style Your Brand book and found it extremely inspiring. This book is full of tips and hints to make your own brand great, and although I’m already familiar with branding and design with running a design business myself, it felt so nice and refreshing to read about a different process than my own, which helped me a lot with realizing new things about my business I have never thought about before! If you want to hear more of my thoughts, you can find a mini review here.


That’s all really! Let me know what’s on your January favourites list as well! x

3 Lifestyle Books For 2017

January 28th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

3 Lifestyle Books For 2017

In my New Year’s Resultions this January, I purposely avoided any reading goals. In the years I’ve learnt I’m not good at setting specific goals just in general, and this mainly applies to books and readings. However every January I’m extremely motivated to start new reads, and this is the time of the year, together with Summer, when not only my to-read list reaches peak, but I also get most of my reading done!

This year I’m finding myself extremely attracted to non-fiction lifestyle books especially: anything from nutrition, health, business and well-being, I’m just all about it! Especially with grey January around and a couple more months between us and Spring, I need to curl up and read anything inspirational, learn new skills or notions and find something exciting to apply to the everyday.

3 Lifestyle Books For 2017: How to style your brand
3 Lifestyle Books For 2017: The Little Book Of Hygge
3 Lifestyle Books For 2017

I’ll admitt my list was ginormous, with lifestyle books fitting in all the different categories you could think of, from decluttering your home, approaching a simpler lifestyle, photography, setting health goals and everything in between. But I restrained myself to buy them all and only limited to three (for now!). I’ve already tucked into all three, one almost finished, and really needed to share my picks…

How To Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone – Running my own web and brand design business full-time I already knew most of the notions in this book. But knowing a notion and branding someone else is completely different from crafting your own brand, and I’m loving this book so much because it makes you really think about the direction you want to take. It’s like having a brand stylist constantly helping you out and allowing you to see your brand from the outside! I’m sure you have all heard of this book already, but if you’re a blogger looking to up your blog game or a small business owner, this is a great and inspiring book to turn to, with lots of examples, amazing pictures and fun “homeworks”!

Eat Pretty Every Day by Jolene Hart – This time last year I read Jolene’s  famous Eat Pretty: it was a time when I just started caring a lot about what I eat and it felt pretty appropriate and also inspirational for my healthy eating journey. So this year I was very curious to give the “sequel” a proper go! Her books are just so beautiful to go through, with all the beautifully illustrated pages and sections, but I also love the contents and the way she clearly explain what-does-what a whole lot. This new book has a page for each day of the year, with different tips, health goals, food facts, recipes (and more) every day, categorized by seasons. I can’t really wait to have a proper read and have it around every day in 2017!

The Little Book Of Hygge by Meik Wiking – Everyone knows about Hygge by now, and I’m extremely late on the bandwagon, but you know how I feel about anything cosy, and this book is all about that and more! It’s a very light but interesting read: I love to curl up in the cold evenings under a blanket, light up my fairy lights and go through its pages. Jam-packed with interesting Hygge facts and happiness studies, it’s also a different way to get to know a pretty interesting country and its traditions. I was already considering to visit Denmark soon, and now I’m just sold!


What about you? Are we currently reading the same lifestyle books?
Any suggestions on what to read next extremely appreciated… x