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Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide: The Homebound

November 24th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

In this third episode of my Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide I'm covering some cosy and warm gift ideas for the "homebound" or lounge lover!

In this third episode of my Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide I'm covering some cosy and warm gift ideas for the "homebound" or lounge lover!

For this third episode of my Unconventional Christmas Gift Guides series, I’m covering all things cosy and warm that any lounge lover or “homebound” in your life will definitely love! It’s a nice selection of natural beauty and aromatherapy, cosy loungewear and mugs and unique homeware and jewellery anyone who loves spending time at home will surely appreciate!

01. Ladies Lounge Socks ℅ Heat Holders
So let’s talk these magical socks, shall we?! They are made from a heavy bulk yarn that has extreme thermal properties and that has been brushed to be soft and trap warm air close to the skin. These are the softest warmest socks I have ever worn and I bet anyone suffering with cold feet will thank you a whole lot for getting them a pair.

02. L’Occitane Relaxing Pillow Mist & Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
Any “homebound” who loves natural beauty and at-home-pampering will surely appreciate a little L’Occitane set! They always stock a lot of premade gift sets, but you could also create your own to give your friend a selection of your favourite items. For me, no doubt, they’d be my beloved Relaxing Pillow Mist & Cherry Blossom Hand Cream – both great skincare and aromatherapy products.

03. Frank Body Coffee Scrub Kit 
I have shared the love for Frank Body scrubs in the past already a couple of times and I can’t help but think anyone should be introduced to them once in their lifetime! These are all-natural parabens-free coffee scrubs, great for all those sensitive skins out there, and, again, for anyone who loves a little home-based pampering session. They come in a bunch of different scents (my favourite being the Cacao option!) and they are very messy indeed, but so exfolianting and fun at the same time!

04. Button Necklace ℅ Theodora Gould
As soon as Theodora introduced me to her Button Necklace, I fell deeply in love with it! Not only I have always loved button-shaped jewellery, but her beautiful hand-crafted pieces all have a unique story behind them. Theodora Gould jewellery is inspired by vintage designs, history, nature but especially country living. Whether your “homebound” is a fashion lover or not (when it’s not in her loungewear, of course!), she will surely love wrapping something that so deeply remember of home and childhood, with such a simple delicate design, around her neck.

05. Garden Collage Homeware*
I bet any homebound would love to receive a couple of pieces from the beautiful Garden Collage homeware collection. Founded by Daisy Helman in 2015, Garden Collage is a fresh new online magazine covering stories about gardens, environmental innovation, plant-based beauty products and the charm of gardening in our modern world. They run a gardening, beauty and homeware shop alongside the magazine, and there they sell unique hand-picked brands that will be pretty appreciated by anyone with a taste for aesthetic in their homes!

06. Chelsea Peers Soft Peachy PJ Set
Of course any lounge lovers will be enthusiatic to unwrap some new soft PJ to add to their collection! This Chelsea Peers number is extremely cute in its peachy pink tone, but it’s also the softest PJ set I’ve ever worn (and I’ve worn a lot!). They have a shorts version as well, so you can’t really go wrong with this one!

07. BauHaus Mama Mug ℅ Anya Fennet
Whenever I find a mug underneath the Christmas tree, I’m just the happiest! I love mugs so much, that you’ll understand my excitement about a handmade wheel-thrown mug that looks this adorable and unique! Ania runs an interior design company and has just launched her BauHaus collection with cosy handmade clay pieces that will surely warm the heart of any tea/coffee drinker in your life!


That’s it for today’s Christmas Gift Guide! Make sure you come back every other day for more gifts and you didn’t miss any so far! Also, stay tuned until the very end for an exciting surprise (hint: it includes a gift… for you!).
Covering ‘The Men In Your Life’ next (whoopee, things are getting interesting!)… x

Mother’s Day Different Gift Ideas

March 2nd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Mother's Day Different Gift Ideas

Here in Italy Mother’s Day is still two months away, however I like the fact UK Mother’s Day is this week as I can already have a look around at gifts and put some ideas together two months in advance – which is always good as I’m one that hates last-minute shopping! However, if you happen to live in the UK and be a little late with your Mother’s Day gifts, I’ve a couple of unique and different gift ideas all mums will love!

01. Mon Dessert Macaron Making Kit
I was recently introduced to Mon Dessert‘s macaron kits and I’m absolutely in love with the idea: their kits come with all the necessary tools to create the good old fashionable french treat we girls love, including all-organic ingredients, fancy toppings, a recipe books and in-depth instructions to make the whole thing easy and fun! This would make the perfect excuse to involve your mum in the macaron trend if she doesn’t love them already, or just to have an afternoon of baking together and enjoying each others company!

02. Carabella Gifts Mother’s Day Hamper
The very best gifts to me are sets of hand-picked items arranged in a cute little box. Better if made by the one behind the gift, but if you don’t have a lot of time to put together your Mother’s Day gift this year, Carabella Gifts has some amazing boxes jam-packed with luxury gifts to treat your mum to a lovely combination of teas, treats, pampering beauty products & more!

03. Lifebox Food Womens Health Box
If your mum is on a health + fitness journey recently, she would love a food box that supports her health goals. This Lifebox Food box contains all sorts of healthy food to sample, test and try, including healthy ingredients, treats, snacks and super foods!

04. Tart London Picnic Date
Not sure about the weather for the weekend, but wouldn’t it be lovely to go for a park picnic date with your mum for the occasion? Tart can take care of the whole thing, providing you with a very Instagram-friendly picnic basket, blankets and beautiful tarts, salads and desserts. And if the weather is not picnic friendly on the date, you can always book your picnic in advance for when it will be nicer and promise of spending some quality time together with your mum later!


Have you already got your weekend plans + Mother’s Day gifts sorted? x


4 Steps to The January Detox.

January 19th  •  Posted in Health

I get so envious when I hear people saying “I’ve already lost 5lbs since New Year!” so maybe it’s finally time to put all the Christmas chocolate away and roll up those sleeves getting healthier with a January detox! It’s no secret I’ve been particularly lazy the past pair of months, and it’s one of my new year resolutions to get back to a healthier lifestyle, so lately I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things! Want to hear about my 4 steps detox guide? Read below!

Post-Holidays Detox

Get fit

One of a bigger goal for me and my boyfriend is being able to spend an hour or more swimming together once a week, with which we could encounter some difficulties since we live a LDR, but that’s for another time! For more of a daily dose of fitness, there’s really no need to go anywhere if you can find the motivation and the time to do something at home! I already feel like Fitstar Yoga will be my new best friend for the next months – a phone app with yoga classes that, based on your preferences, proposes different classes with different difficulty levels to create a personal yoga path and hopefully make the whole journey even more enjoyable!

Last summer I wrote up an entire post about getting fit at home where I suggested lot of resources to help you with your fitness journey – I should really give it a re-read as I seem to have lost all my motivation! Find it here.

Post-Holidays Detox
Natural Organic Lavender Deodorant ℅ Earth Conscious

Go natural
Anyone else feels like their skins has been overloaded with too much makeup, fragrances and glitters during the Holidays? And my skin is also feeling very gross just thanks to all the chocolate I ate during the Holidays (and after those), so I feel it’s time for a skin detox too! I have rounded up a few of my favourite natural skincare products and feel like my new Earth Conscious Natural Organic Deodorant* really deserves a mention: containing only natural ingredients, it feels so gentle and good for your skin and yourself, definitely one of those healthier choices I’m planning to do a bit more often in the new year! I really feel like nourishing my skin from the outside with natural organic products can do a lot of good to your inner self too, and it’s definitely a healthy good way to start 2015 at best! Other natural products I like are from Lush and Antipodes.

Post-Holidays Detox

Drink green

I’m not a huge fan of how green tea tastes by itself, but no doubts it is good for you, for your skin and for your body, not to mention the best way to detox, and definitely a healthy habit I should incorporate into my days. I’ll try the Clipper Tea Green Tea with Echinacea that was hidden in my kitchen shelf – I’ll make sure to give it a try as I should have had a lot of time ago, and if it doesn’t go well, I can always go back to my antiox green-tea-based smoothie!

Post-Holidays Detox

The instant pick me up
Bath time will not beat the January blues, but it will definitely help and making the grayest month of the year a bit more relaxed and peaceful, I’ll tell you this! One of my favourite time of the week is my weekend’s bath time, with all the bubbles, deliciously scented bath salts, and the well-deserved post-bath pampering night, with cozy candles around the rooms and face masks that can make a world of good to my skin and mood!

How are you planning/are proceeding with your January detox? I’d love to know! x