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Mini Goals | July

July 24th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

I know it’s kinda late for my monthly mini goals now but July was a very busy month and I totally forgot of writing this post down until today. I love writing these posts though, and I feel like they’re interesting to read too, and being that July isn’t completely over yet, I thought I can still share some goals for the month and some of those have already been accomplished.

Enjoy my summer – I have big dream and goals for the future and most of them need to have a clue as soon as possible, but being that this year I’ve not been the luckier person so far, and that all I really need right now is to feel happy and calm and thoughtless, I just want to enjoy the most out of this summer and shift all the challenging plans to the end of it. I need time to think and this is for sure, but for now I’m trying to seize upon every single opportunity that pops up to be purely happy and nothing else, and I think this is all I need to really improve my mood.

Work out and be healthier – I’m not a fan of strict diets and will never be, but one thing I want to do is to try to eat as healthier as possible from now on as well as try to work out more (even though it’s such a pain with this hot weather right now), because I feel my body really needs this right now as well as my self-esteem.

Start buying on a pre-established budget – I used to buy way too many makeup and skincare products just a few months ago but at this time I’m trying to manage my money in a better way and treat my self only when I really need it and not on a regular basis as I used to. I think the best way to be more responsible with my purchases is pre-establish a budget for my treats every two or three months and stick to it religiously without exceptions.

What about your July’s goals?


Mini Goals | June

June 9th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Last month I started this Mini Goals blog series and I found it so helpful to me as publishing a list of little life goals every month really push me to actually tick them off and achieve something, whereas maybe keeping them for myself, I could forget them or get distracted. You seem pretty interested as well, and since this can be a nice way to update you a bit on what is going on in my life, I’m back with some fresh new June mini goals.

Bake a lot more – as you may or may not know I love baking, it’s just one of those things that really relax and passionate me at the same time and when you find something that tick both the boxes, you know it’s something special. I like to experiment with new recipes or just stick to my favourite trusty ones, but recently I’m rarely taking a few hours for a good old baking session, and I just feel I need to have some time alone with my oven and my baking tins – such a weird thing to say, but I actually have just bought the perfect brownies baking tin and two lovely recipe books and I can’t wait to use them!

Go back to yoga – I’m a huge huge fan of yoga and even though I used only to practice it on my own at home, it was so nice to take that half an hour a day to have a little time for myself and my body and just relax and have some deep breaths. I miss it and I’m planning to go back to my routine as yoga is just one of those things that can really change your days and relax you and your body as anything else – and I seriously need to relax lately.

Visit gardens – I used to hate when my dad wanted to visit parks when I was a little girl – all that walking and walking and nothing more. But I changed a lot and now parks are my number one favourite places to visit and I’m planning a day trip to this beautiful garden this week with my boyfriend as we both love parks, and I love flowers and it just makes me in a good mood only thinking at it. Not to mention I’m also thinking about a little “romantic” picnic.

Have a better approach to life – this is not my luckier time but I really want to feel positive and just stop worrying about everything like health and life stuffs. I just feel so stressed about when I start thinking negative stuffs about me, my life and my future, that I just want to start push those bad thoughts away starting from this month and just stop worrying too much about everything hoping this will help in bringing some luck and good news in the upcoming future.

What about your June goals?