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March in 1:1 Snaps

March 28th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

I don’t know about you, but I’m super ready for April! As much as March has been a nice month (not extremely beautiful and with ups and downs as usual, but not too bad as well) and the weather has been getting lovely, I’ve stepped outside the house today and was welcomed by the most warming 18°C sun I’ve seen this year – so if April is going to be this good… I’m sold! I’ve already planned a bit too many weekends up and about in Milan to visit all the Pinterest-worthy coffe shops I’m able to spot in one day, and if this will to go out and do things is flourishing again in me after this long winter, it’s surely thanks to the official magical arrival of Spring! Plus I’m overly excited for Easter coming next week! Anyone else?!

But back to March, here are a few highlights from the month…

1 :: Being able to go out without a coat, just leaving it at home, best feeling ever!

2 :: Discovering hummus – yes I know I’m a little bit late on the bandwagon with this one, but in my defense I’d say it’s not that common here in Italy! Obviously I love it, especially if served with a lovely homemade romantic dinner for two, such a treat!

3 :: Buying new yoga gear. I’ve been working really hard at sticking with home yoga at least 4/5 days a week and I definitely deserved a treat, so new yoga gear and clothes it is! There’s something so terapeutic about buying new workout clothes – it definitely helps at keeping the motivation alive and treating yourself for all the hard work!

4 :: Being able to take a few days off far from my laptop. It was really nice and such a well-deserved free time after months of working at my laptop every single morning and afternoon (and sometimes evening too, because when you work from home it’s easy to forget what working hours mean!). I switched off and enjoying some free time with my better half, spending the first days of nice weather of the year outside instead of inside!

5 :: Trees covered in pink blossoms! I haven’t seen that many for the majority of the month and it probably was the reason why I felt spring wasn’t officially here until only a week ago, when I started spotting one after the other. There’s nothing that makes me happier and feeling inspired than flowers in springtime, I’ll tell you this!

6 :: The school (literally) of little (and big!) Lindt Gold Bunnies that knocked at my door a few days ago – seriously Lindt and this lady here love to see me gaining weight, but I love them too because sometimes only chocolate would do after a ‘meh’ day.

Three favourite instagrammers :: @milkthistles (for the perfect balance of amazing flat lays, flowers, stationery, breakfast and juices!), @joyceeduyao (flat lays queen!) and @artandsoulcreativeco (because Laura does the cutest illustrations that have ever been!).

What’s on your happy list this month? x

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February in 1:1 snaps.

February 25th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

February snaps

As much as January‘s been a tough month, I’ve tried and approached February in a slightly more positive way. I need the warmer weather to be here so badly, the winter blues’ve totally hit me recently and only on the odd warm spring-like days I totally felt renewed! I’m super excited for the new month and the new season to come, but I must admit, between some forgettable episodes, February has seen some nice highlights too (and a lot of coffee – can you guess it from these pictures?!).

On my February happy list…

1 :: Valentine’s Day! It’s been a good one this year! We actually got to spend it by our own for almost the entire day, doing romantic and love-themed things (like putting together an indoor picnic with wine and chocolate and baking heart-shaped brownies) that we never really “find” time to do on an average day together.

2 :: Going back to the pool and swim at least once a week has been one of the best things about this month! I’ve always loved swimming and being in the water and sometimes I really can’t believe how easy it is for me to forget how good and renewed I feel afterwards! I really need to stick to it in the future… oh, and I’m also loving yoga quite a lot lately, mostly thanks to Adriene!

3 :: The little joys that come with having a daily diary, a one place where to keep my notes and to-do lists and tasks. Bonus points if it’s as cute as Frankie Diary.

4 :: This has not lasted the whole month, but I tried to switch off the technologies and instead read before going to sleep. It felt quite nice while it lasted, but I’m a creature of habit and always go back to my phone and Instagram feed. *But* I’m going to try and make it a real thing the next month.

5 :: Healthy eating or in general a healthier approach to life! I’m really enjoying taking care of myself and what I put into my body, but most of all, I truly deeply enjoy discovering new ingredients, especially if they’re good!

Bonus :: that feeling when someone buys you flowers! Especially if they’re tulips!

My favourite online contents :: Kristabel’s My Career Story So Far ; Gemma’s Intuitive Eating ; Rosie’s My Workout Routine ; Katy’s Stopping & Starting ; Cat’s Poltergeist.

What’s on your February happy list? x

February snaps
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January in 1:1 snaps.

January 29th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

January is definitely not one of my favourite months: with the whole going back to the usual routine, feeling you might have gained a few extra lbs during the Holiday that you need to fix, the grey and cold days, things can be a bit stressful and depressing. We were lucky to see a bit of sunshine now and again and to be able to spend some lovely days, but all in all January could be a lot better than it was! But since my only main resolution for this 2015 is to try and be positive as much as possible and appreciate the little things that maybe, under a different point of view, are really what made the whole thing worth, I’ll try to start a new blog series to share a few 1:1 snaps from my month coming directly from my Instagram (or phone) and list down the highlights of the past 30 days, at least 5 of those little things that I should really start to appreciate a lot more.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep going with this little blog project and won’t abandon it after only a few months (as it happens all the time!). So these were the highlights of this first month of 2015…

1 :: The satisfying feeling of finding new clothes that fits you perfectly between the bargains of winter sales, and above all being able to find a dress that not only will be appropriate for these last winter weeks, but I’m sure will be worn a lot during spring too!

2 :: Getting to see someone who means a lot to you but who you weren’t able to see for years. Sometimes it only feels too late, but not always it is.

3 :: Getting into the habit of drinking green tea once a day. I’ve always known how good it is for our bodies but I was never able to really enjoy it until this month, when I decided to try this gem and discovered even green tea can be such a treat!

4 :: Receiving the most delicious parcel that has ever been. It truly made my day that afternoon when I unwrapped all that chocolate with the excitement of a little happy girl! Thank you again, Lindt, for being such a sweet Valentine to me this year! I seriously feel so lucky every time I receive those delish treats – so expect to be bombarded with pictures, recipes, reviews of them in the very upcoming future!

5 :: Latte stencils are being the highlight of my mornings lately! I’ve spent an entire morning designing and creating a few and am now experimenting with techniques to get an aesthetically pleasing latte + a velvety foam. Maybe one day I’ll be able to experiment with true latte art – in the meanwhile just check out this video/art work, cutest thing ever, it will make you smile!

My favourite online contents :: Katie’s Our First New York Storm Warning ; Ashley’s DIY Conversation Heart Macarons ; Cat’s Chai Tea Cake ; Freya’s Cleaning Your Face With Coconut Oil.

What’s on your January happy list? Do we share some feelings? Let’s share positivity in the comments box! x

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