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My Blogging Tools.

May 8th  •  Posted in Blogging

My blogging tools.
My blogging tools.
My blogging tools.
My blogging tools.
My blogging tools.

It has been a while since I promised I would have talked about my blogging kit more in details in my Top 10 Photography + Editing Tips, and even though I know there are lots of posts similar to this one available online already, and that I’m never confident enough to share tips and suggestions as I’m no expert by any means, I think it’s quite fun to share the behind-the-scene of the blog a bit more often instead, especially if this can come useful to someone else (or even if not, I always find posts like this such an interesting read!).

I feel I need to clear out that it’s not mandatory to have a blogging kit if you’re a blogger, or to own all of it just because it seems everyone else is using it. I haven’t felt the need of purchasing a tripod until a few months ago and I’ve got one only when I started realizing I truly needed one for certain typology of photos. I still don’t own a studio lighting kit and always shoot in natural light (which I also favor), and I probably will never need one – even if everyone seems to need one.

That said, this is what I’ve found useful during these years of blogging and what has actually stuck around so far in my blogging kit…

CAMERA + LENSES :: My camera is and has always been a Nikon D3100. As I said in my photography post, it is a good camera for being so inexpensive and so far I’m not feeling the need to upgrade. Instead I think a great way to get better use of your camera is, firstly get to understand manual, and secondly invest in a new lens. My kit lens was okay but for my pictures to have a bit of character, I started feeling the need of a new one almost an year ago, so I invested in the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G Lens, which (again) is very inexpensive for being such a good lens to me: I’ve seen a huge improvement in my pictures since then, and even though one should first start using manual and then buy a new lens, I’ve found purchasing it a huge push to actually get to understand my camera better.

TRIPOD :: I haven’t needed a tripod for years of using a camera, until I started being serious with my blog photography and wanting everything to be extremely perfect. I have the Hahnel Triad 30 Lite Tripod and I’m completely happy with it, even though I think this is definitely an extra and not something essential if you have just started blogging and/or have already invested in something else. As I said, I’ve taken my pictures without a tripod for years and even though it is such a life savior and a great helper to finish up the job in a quarter of the time you’d spend shooting sometimes, I think this is something there’s no need to invest in unless you’re taking certain type of pictures (like photos of yourself or food photography) – for that it’s a huge helper indeed.

REMOTE SHUTTER :: Something I’ve lived without for even a longer period of time is a remote shutter. If paired with a tripod, it’s a serious game changer: it makes life so easy when you’re trying to take pictures of yourself or at you using your hands at something else, and it helped me taking pictures I wasn’t ever able to shoot before. However, as for the tripod, I think this is an investment that can be safely put off – cameras have self-timer and that’s what you use if you don’t feel extremely sure about investing in a remote shutter!

Some are very inexpensive on Amazon though, but I had to order two different kinds before finding a good quality remote shutter for my camera. If you have my same camera, I highly suggest the Kaavie Wireless Remote Control.

PLANNER :: I’ve always planned my blog posts and fixed my editorial calendar online (and I still use the Sunrise Calendar for it) but I’ve just recently discovered how practical and inspiring having an actual (made of paper) journal at your desk can be. I’ve got the Frankie Journal 2015 and I’m so happy with it: it’s such a beautiful layouted, inspiring journal to write on and there’s no better way to note down deadlines or the contacts you need to take note of than a beautiful and colourful paper, right?

NOTEPADS :: I’ve always been a to-do lists fan. There’s something so satisfactory in the act of ticking things off that I can’t even explain. For blogging, notepads are essentials to me, especially to write down blog posts ideas or things that I have to get done the current or next day. The Muji Notepad is minimal and lovely, such a great helper to me to brainstorm my blog posts ideas and to keep things on track with my blog, life and business.

HARD DISK :: My boyfriend has spent days of his life explaining to me why an hard disk is important. I still rarely remember to save a backup of my files on there, but if one thing is for sure, investing in a hard disk is always a good idea, not only for blogging, but for everything you do really!


That’s it, everything I need for blogging in a nutshell. I’d love to get to know what other fellow bloggers use on a daily basis! x

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Miel Café is one! + Treats Pouch Giveaway

April 11th  •  Posted in Blogging

Miel Café is One + Giveaway!

One year ago Miel Café was born after long years of exploring the blogging world and finding my own path. Miel Café has been a project, sometimes something even bigger I ever thought it would be, and opened my way to exciting opportunities and helped me discover my way through photography, writing, baking and crafting! As cheesy as it sounds, all of this is thanks to the readers that have found this blog helpful or interesting, that have commented my posts and supported me during this journey, it’s thanks to all the people that believed in this project and helped me keep going and keep this blog of mine alive this long – and it never really happened to me that a little hobby like this one lasted that long!

To celebrate Miel Café’s first birthday, I want to thank who really made this happen, YOU! I’ve put together a little pouch filled with cute stationery, treats and a few of my favourite little objects to spoil one of you and say thank you for being so supportive, encouraging and lovely to me! Here is to a lot more years of blogging, exploring, discovering and sharing new passions, recipes, clothes, craft projects and all that comes with having a blog and being engaged with such an awesome readership! Thank you!

Miel Café is One + Giveaway!
Miel Café is One + Giveaway!

Petite Mila Party Pouch ; Yankee Candle Lovely Kiku Tart ; Muji Green 0.38 Gel Pen ;
Ikea Notepade and 4 Ikea Cards ; Cat Bangle.

The giveaway is international and to enter you just need to follow the Rafflecopter form below! You’ll need to be a follower of my blog and leave a comment right below to unlock some other entries! The giveaway starts today and ends on Saturday 25th April, h. 12.00 AM GMT+1. The winner will be announced on Twitter and contacted by email.



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Let’s catch up!

March 12th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

With this blog of mine and my little design business coming to one year of existence in less than a month, I’m so enthusiastic about how things turned out for both of them. I’ve been extremely busy designing blogs, headers, creating illustrations and coding templates this past months that either I can’t remember when I started nor I can see an end to it, and it’s just amazing if you ask me! An year ago I had this few ideas in mind that I wouldn’t have ever thought they would have become what they are right now! But working from home everyday can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you forget when the working day starts and ends and that your lunch should be in the kitchen and not at your workspace.

Blessing yoga for its existence! Even if I only take an hour for myself, it totally makes the difference! I’m so into this challenge – I’m at day 25 – almost over! – but if when I started I thought I would have been tired of it by this time, I’m actually so enjoying it right now that I already worry about what I’ll do when it’s over! I guess I’ll re-start it or practice what I’ve learned so far… And to treat myself for all the hard work, I might or might not have bought some yoga gear that was on my wishlist for a very long time!

Since I have your attention, I wanted to ask you a little favor! You know how I love to cook and bake and share my recipes, and how hard I try to make them be as healthy as I can and yet delicious and nice looking in my posts, so I’d be extremely grateful if you could nominate Miel Café at the Saveur Blog Awards 2015! They reward blogs that talk about food in all its forms and nominations close tomorrow! It’ll totally make my day if you have two spare seconds to nominate my blog!

What are you up to lately? Let’s chat in the comment box! x