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The Gift Of A Habit

December 10th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

The Gift Of A Habit

To me tea is art. It’s slowing down, warming up. It’s taking the time I need to stretch out and recharge. Anyone who knows me will confirm I don’t go one single day without at least one cup of tea!

It’s a habit I’ve learnt to grow years ago, but it’s not actually been always there. I don’t even know how I got into it in a very first place, but somehow I’ve found my way through it and learned to love that moment of peace that comes with pouring, filtering and sipping.

But, if I never really found out, I’d wish someone introduced me to it at some point in my life! I’d wish someone told me how to take those 15 minutes to switch off in the middle of an afternoon, that someone, an expert maybe, guided me through the endless amount of tea types and blends, and explained me how tea can be good to your mind and health too.

The Gift Of A Habit
The Gift Of A Habit
The Gift Of A Habit
The Gift Of A Habit
The Gift Of A Habit
The Gift Of A Habit

If you have followed my gift guides this year, you might have spotted here and there my most recent philosophy with gifts: introducing someone to a new experience. Because yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about what ‘giving’ can mean, and I want it to mean something bigger than consumism to me: I believe there’s no better gift you can give to someone, than introducing him to something new that will stick with him in the years to come.

So you’ll now be able to tell why I couldn’t hesitate when JING Tea asked me to help with sharing their “Giving the gift of a new habit Christmas campaign! And if you’re a tea lover (and I know most of you will be with me on this one), I bet you’ll love the idea too!

The Gift Of A Habit
The Gift Of A Habit
The Gift Of A Habit
The Gift Of A Habit

They not only have the best aestethically beautiful tea kits (I’m so in love with my new Tea Infuser Set*, coming with their popular Tea Infuser mug and the addition of their glass Tea Timer, for a proper moment of zen), but they also have the most thoughtful gift guide on their website at the moment, covering all the options really: you’ll be able to surprise both the tea beginner and the connoisseur, selecting the perfect tea gift by taste and maybe also pairing it with one of their beautiful kits.

I don’t know about you, but I now feel like I have my Christmas list sorted. I can’t wait to introduce all my friends and family to my favourite tea this year (if you are wondering, the one in the pictures is their Jasmine Pearls Tea, which is by far one of my favourite flavour combinations, but also so pretty to watch while the pearls unravel and transform into tea leafs!).


Are you going to give the gift of a habit this year? I’d love to hear more! x

P.S. Make sure you enter my Christmas Giveaway to win lots of Christmassy goodies!


Unconventional Christmas Giveaway!

November 30th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Sharing a little Christmas giveaway featuring some of the items from my Unconventional Christmas Gift Guides!

Comes tomorrow and we’ll be officially counting down the days until Christmas – perfect time to start shopping! Anyone else’s excited? So yes, that’s it for my gift guides this year, I really hope you enjoyed the items involved as much as I do and liked the articles as much as I loved putting them all together!

If you have followed the guides until now, you’ll already know about this Christmas giveaway coming! But yes, I wanted to share with you some of the gifts I’ve been featuring in the guides, and what better way to do so than by giving someone of you the chance of winning a nice selection?

Hopefully there’ll be someone in your life who would love to receive them as Christmas gift, or, of course, you could keep them all for yourself! I’ve thrown in a couple of Christmassy items too, for a good measure. You could definitely pack them all together and use them as lovely stocking fillers, or, yes, you could even keep them as a little treat for yourself.

Enter my Christmas giveaway for a chance to win some Christmassy bits and bobs!
Miel Café's Christmas Giveaway prize
A little Christmas giveaway featuring some of the items from my gift guides!
Prize of Miel Café's Christmas giveaway 2016

What’s the prize?

How to enter?

The giveaway is international and to enter you just need to follow the Rafflecopter form below! You’ll need to be a follower of my blog and leave a comment right below to unlock some other entries! The giveaway starts today and ends on Wednesday 14th December, h. 12.00 AM GMT+1. The winner will be announced on Twitter and contacted by email!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! x
P.S. Make sure you check out my Unconventional Christmas Gift Guides if you haven’t already!

Enter my Christmas giveaway for a chance to win some Christmassy bits and bobs!
Enter my Christmas giveaway for a chance to win some Christmassy bits and bobs!

Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

November 28th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

In this episode of my Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide, a selection of cute, interesting and thoughtful gifts under £30 perfect as stocking fillers!

Let’s talk stocking fillers, shall we? If there’s one thing I love about buying Christmas gifts, it’s certainly creating a selection of nice inexpensive but useful and interesting items for anyone else’s stocking! And this episode of my Unconventional Christmas Gift Guides series is all about that: this guide includes fashion, jewellery, food and also beauty picks, that are either very thoughtful or useful (or both) with a nice selection of handmade items from small independent businesses thrown in the mix! And everything is under £30 too, hurray!

01. Touchscreen Gloves (similar)
If there’s one thing that shouldn’t ever be left out of a Christmas stocking, those are handy touchscreen gloves! Chances are your gift recipient will already own a pair, though, but gloves are such a nice interchangeable accessory; so try and look for something different this year, a nicer-looking leather alternative maybe?!

02. Biscuiteers Nutcraker Biscuit Card
I’m deeply in love with the concept of Biscuiteers, all about giving beautifully iced biscuits as gift for any occasion really, and also with their amazingly cute designs, of course! This little set is very inexpensive and would make for the perfect stocking filler for anyone who loves Christmas traditions, and you’ll be able to customize the card with your own Christmas message as well. I bet anyone receiving this gift will be left with a huge smile on their faces!

03. Clipper Organic Snore & Peace Infusion
I’m all about gifts that will encourage a new (or old) habit this year, so whether or not you believe your friend is a tea lover, I’m sure a beautifully packaged Clipper infusion will make anyone happy to include a bit of tea in their daily rituals. I especially love their Snore & Peace Infusion with chamomile, lemon balm and lavender, perfect to include in any nighttime routine.

04. Pure Silver Dipped Gold Bar Necklace ℅ Zu Jewellery
Any fashion lover will be excited to find a new piece of jewellery in their stocking. And you know what?, good quality jewellery doesn’t have to be that expensive. Plus, if you’re not really sure what style to go for, you should definitely try something neutral and dainty.

This Zu Jewellery Bar Necklace really ticks all the right boxes, pleasing both the silver and gold lover and being such a perfect everyday minimal piece. They have a nice selection of different jewellery collections for the different types of working women out there, but their minimalistic Pure Collection is surely my favourite out of them all!

05. MOA Daily Cleansing Ritual 
Any beauty lover will be excited to find some new products to try out in their stocking, so think about supporting local small businesses this year, and chose something natural and organic! MOA is a UK brand I’ve been loving lately, and their Daily Cleansing Ritual kit would make for such a lovely gift, I’m sure! Including their best-seller Green Balm and the softest bamboo face cloth, this kit is such a treat!

06. Monki Mint Lace Triangle Bra 
And of course, most women love lingerie, so why not adding a nice-quality lace bra to their stocking? Monki does some pretty interesting triangle options, and their sizes are not too constricting either, making them so easy to give as gift!


And that’s a wrap! This is actually the last Christmas gift guide from the series this year so I hope you enjoyed them all. Make sure you come back on November 30th, in just a couple of days, for an amazing giveaway, giving you the chance of winning some of these gifts! x

The last episode of my Unconventional Christmas Gift Guide with a nice and different selection of stocking fillers