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Etsy Favourite Finds!

January 21st  •  Posted in Lifestyle

It’s no secret I have a weakness for a good old online shopping session (more often than it’s considered healthy, I may add), but you might not know my favourite place to shop online is, no doubts, Etsy. When I think of it, I think of thousand or more pair of hands working at something of huge value in the same very moment and building objects, art, products, that are truly unique and special. You can buy handmade elsewhere, but Etsy is the place where to go and support little crafters and artists that really need the support you can give them with a simple purchase or a little feedback. So to share the love for handmade, I will start today suggesting my favourite Etsy shops, with the only aim to introduce you to some local (or not) artisans that really deserve a mention or two!

When buying on Etsy there’re no boundaries, you can shop from artisans from all over the world, but sometimes the shipping cost or tax fee could be a limit, so I generally tend to shop from inside the EU, but, as you’ll see, sometimes oversea shops can definitely be worth the effort, the waiting and the extra pounds spent for shipping!

Etsy Favourite Finds.

Pai and pear
Isabel is a Madrid based talented Irish illustrator that creates the cutest notebooks, fabrics, stickers, prints using her own illustrations. Her shop is jam-packed with adorable stationery pieces, home and paper goods, prints and phone cases, and her unique illustration style is the sweetest thing, really! Despite all her items are handmade and unique, everything is really affordable, which means you really need to treat yourself to something from her shop at some point, no excuses!

I boughtMagnet Note Pad / Stickers (Sold out).

Etsy Favourite Finds.

Il Gatto Goloso
Beside looking for EU based shops, I definitely also try to support national artisans too, and Claudia is in fact a super talented Italian food stylist that sells everything food lovers would adore to own to style and decorate their food! From cute paper goods, to colourful paper straws and adorable muffin cups, washi tape, tea cloths, gift tags and all kinds of twine, you can definitely find anything you’ll need to style and take a good food picture in her shop! She is such a lovely girl too, and really cares about your order – she also added some cute labels and a bit of extra twine to my parcel which were very appreciated!

I boughtChevron Paper Bags / Stripe Paper Bags / Jar Tags.

Etsy Favourite Finds.

Lenny Mud
If you’re looking for something truly unique and different, you can’t go wrong with Lenny Mud. ‘Lenny’ creates a large variety of objects with clay and has really beautiful and innovative design skills; her shop is full of beautiful mugs, teapots, bowls, ornaments that would be perfect gifts for him & her for any occasion, really. In fact my adorable panda mug was a well appreciated gift from my boyfriend! If you’re not USA based, be prepared to spend a bit extra pounds for shipping, but I’ll tell you this, all her products are totally and completely worth it!

He boughtPanda Cookie Dunk Mug.

If you like my suggestions, you might want to check out my other Etsy favourites!
Share the love for your favourite Etsy shops in the comments! I’d love to discover new talents. x

Holidays Getaway Travelling Essentials!

December 22nd  •  Posted in Travel

Holidays Travelling Essentials

Even though Holidays are meant to be spent with the closest ones and celebrating the fact of being together as a family (or at least that’s how I see it), one of the things I’d love to do and have never done is to go for a Holidays getaway, maybe right after Christmas to celebrate the start of the new year in new exciting places. I’d also not really dislike being locked in a chalet somewhere remote out there with cozy fireplace and blankets and all types of tea for more of a romantic option, yet this year I’ll spend it at home again, but I’ll make sure I’m going to spend some of the next Holidays visiting a festive version of a few favourite cities or getting cozy somewhere!

I bet some of you have been more organized and thought of it in advance and maybe are already packing their suitcases to fly over to exotic places, but whether you have somewhere exciting to travel towards or you just have on plan to fly over to your family, and whether you’ll be travelling by car, train or plane, I have something for you! I can’t deny I was kind of tempted of putting together a similar post anyway, so when RelayRides asked me if I wanted to be up and about for a travelling essentials kind of content I just couldn’t say no! So here I have a few staples and tips you don’t want to forget to keep you entertained during a long or short haul or even your winter road trip!

Holidays Travelling Essentials
Holidays Travelling Essentials

don’t forget ;
phone + headphones :: if you’re the kind of person that really can’t stand the plane/train noise as much as I do, headphones are definitely a must have – just remember to download lots of your music to have it available even if you’re offline when up in the sky! I’ve not joined the club yet but I heard Serial might be a good option too if you have no idea of what to listen to!

universal portable charger :: this one will change your life especially if you have a big quantity of devices to use at once and you don’t want to risk they run out of charge anytime or anywhere you are! Car charger can be a good option too if you’re driving over to your destination instead of flying!

reading material :: my favourite pastime when travelling is reading, I find it very enjoyable even though I’m not as much as a fan of reading on a car! But for the other vehicle options I never forget a book or my Kindle – even though you should really charge it before setting off (not like I did before shooting this post, oops!). Magazines are also a staple!

a notebook :: and possibly a pen too. It’s known that the best ideas come in the strangest places or situations or better when you don’t have anything where to note them down, so always bring a notebook with you even when you’re travelling especially if you’re a creative!

something to snack on :: don’t forget the candies and the chocolate! It’s always a good idea to have something delicious to snack on.

Holidays Travelling Essentials
Holidays Travelling Essentials
Holidays Travelling Essentials
Holidays Travelling Essentials

for your hand luggage ;
hand cream and lip balm :: whether you’re on a plane, car or train, air conditioning is the best friend of chapped lips and dry hands, so make sure you have something hydrating with you for them both!

makeup :: I generally don’t love travelling with makeup on, but sometimes situations require a nice face right after getting off the plane, so maybe you’d like to pack some makeup products that are easy and quick to apply like BB creams, tinted lip balms and concealer (which don’t even require a single brush!) to make you look nice!

pack your beauty :: don’t forget to pack your beauty products in a plane appropriate transparent plastic case (mine is from Muji and it’s so perfect!) and to put all the liquids into 100ml little bottles and containers! Even better if you can pack something like a solid deodorant (which is always handy to have with you)!


And now you’re all sorted and ready to fly towards exciting destinations! I’d love to know what you like to carry with you as travelling essentials!

Also if you’re travelling in or to the States you might want to consider taking a look at RelayRides, they have rental cars in several locations and are based on a peer-to-peer process that connects car owners with renters and sort it all out for you by facilitating the communication! So whether you are looking to make some money from renting your car, or making your Holidays travel planning a lot easier, I bet RelayRides might be worth to check out!

** Even though RelayRides proposed me to write this post, this is not a sponsored content.

P.S. :: There should be another post up on here before the 25th if things go as planned, but since things are getting quite busy over here, if I don’t get to talk to you again before Christmas, I hope you all are going to have some lovely time and wish you a very merry day! And if you’re flying over your getaway, have some safe and very happy Holidays!

My Christmas {2014} Tree!

December 14th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

My Christmas 2014 Tree.
My Christmas 2014 Tree.
My Christmas 2014 Tree.
My Christmas 2014 Tree.
My Christmas 2014 Tree.
My Christmas 2014 Tree.

I was thinking “Maybe I should break the Christmas related posts off a bit and do something different for once” but then I thought there’ll be plenty of time to talk about non-festive stuff in 2015 and now I’m way too excited for Christmas time to stop talking about it! So yep, I’m bringing you another festive post today, and have decided to share some pictures of my Christmas tree – just to document it for the future and maybe to inspire some of you that might not have had put their tree up yet!

For this year tree we went for a rose gold + gold colour scheme, which has been my number one favourite between all the ones we tried in the years (and we experimented quite a lot). We got the rose gold ornaments and garlands from a very cheap set last year (similar here) and to spice things up a bit I thought my Gingerbread Mr & Mrs* and Gingerbread Hearts* ornaments would pair amazingly with the colour theme this year so I’ve hung them up together with my very old white snowmen and deers (I remember having them when I was a child). We have put on two strings of lights as we wanted it to be pretty luminous this time and I love how the glitters on the ornaments reflect the light and make the tree sparkle. We have an artificial Christmas tree – don’t even think it’s a thing to pick a real tree over here in Italy – but I love how it turned out!

What about your Christmas tree this year? Which colour scheme did you pick?!

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