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November Calendar | Free Printable

November 4th  •  Posted in Design


Hope you enjoy the November calendar free printable! I had so much fun designing it and am so excited for the month ahead! Get your free download by subscribing to the mailing list through this form here!

P.S. For more hand-crafted printables check out our La Papeterie! x

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October Calendar | Free Printable

October 3rd  •  Posted in Design

October Calendar | Free Printable

October Calendar | Free Printable

Even if always a bit late, I’m actually enjoying putting together this little calendars every month! This time I’ve decided to feature my own calligraphy in my October calendar – and I love it even more! Hope you like it too! Find the free download below and, if you need another reason to subscribe to the newsletter, we have some excited news coming your way super soon! 😉



September Calendar | Free Printable

September 6th  •  Posted in Design

September Calendar

It has been a long while since the last time I’ve created and shared a calendar on this blog, but since I’m getting to work with Illustrator almost everyday and that I’m getting the hang of it, I thought I’d bring the monthly calendar freebie downloads back and try, this time, to keep it going for more than only two months (as it happened when I started last year!). Instead of building desktop and mobile wallpapers, I thought it’d be nicer to design a little printable that can be printed on the paper you most like and hanged wherever you fancy!

Also feel free to use it as a wallpaper for your devices if that suits you needs better! Click the button below and subscribe to receive the free printable directly in your inbox. Hope you enjoy! x