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In September I’ve Loved…

September 30th  •  Posted in Favourites

Books, style and beauty favourites for September

In September I've Loved...

September is by far my all-time favourite month. It might be partly due to the fact it’s my birthday month, but I also love the feeling of a fresh new start it always comes with, and the fact that Autumn it’s officially here now! This month I’ve found time to get cosy with a pair of books, the very first sweater of the season and a few too many cups of coffee, and I can’t wait to share my favourites with you today!

Lavera Basis Sensitive Cleansing Gel

. B E A U T Y .

This cleanser – I got it before our holiday in August, when I needed to stock up on my usual Lavera cleanser but couldn’t find it anywhere. I also was very keen on buying something a little bit more gentle instead of what I usually used (which I loved, but was a bit harsh, doubling up as a scrub and intense face mask). I trust Lavera so much by now, that I was sure their Basis Sensitive Cleansing Gel wouldn’t have disappointed me. And in fact, I love it! It’s super gentle but always leave even my oily skin feeling fresh and non-sticky. And the scent is absolutely amazing, calming and refreshing, making my daily cleansing ritual something I look forward to everyday!

Girls in White Dresses and Me Before You Reviews
Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close
Jennifer Close Girls in White Dresses + Jojo Moyes Me Before You

. B O O K S .

This month I’ve definitely rediscovered my love for reading, and I’m sure I must be grateful to this couple of beautiful books that were just the kind of thing I needed to get back into a proper reading routine!

I’ve actually read Girls In White Dresses during our Summer holiday, and it was such a perfect light but beautiful beach read to me. I loved the fact the author is touching such fundamental arguments for a 20-something like me in such a light and positive way until the very end, even when everything seems to be falling apart. And everything the three main characters are struggling with felt so very real to me, so relatable, that I bet anyone around my same age would enjoy it and impersonate into at least one of the girls.

On the other hand, this month I’ve also read Me Before You, which wasn’t totally as much as a light read, but something that you can tell from the very beginning will make you very emotional by the end. And I loved every single line of it! We also went to see the movie this month, which I totally suggest watching only with tissues on hand, but it was as lovely as much as the book indeed!

Coffee favourites
Five Elephant espresso coffee
H&M Home Cotton Candle

. F O O D  +  H O M E .

You’ll know by now about my obsession for coffee and for independent businesses offering quality coffee while also having a special attention for enviroment. And Five Elephant is exactly about that. I especially fell in love with their El Naranjal Espresso Coffee, with, as they promise, blueberry cake and tropical fruits notes. It definitely is on the sweet side, which I totally don’t mind, and has its own unique flavour – that I love!

With Autumn being officially around, how could I not include a candle into this favourites post? During my latest trip to H&M Home, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the clean fresh sent of their Cotton Candle of which I got a mini version immediately after! I love the fact that, although being very small, it diffuses a whole lot of scent filling up the room with the nice smell of freshly washed clothes and linen. Totally a great scent to start with this season, before moving on to spicy and very autumnal ones!

Mint and Berry lilac sweater

. S T Y L E .

On the style front, I’ve been trying to update my wardrobe a bit for the new season, and I’ve fallen in love with this lilac Mint&Berry sweater I got recently, or actually with the entire brand really! I’m totally into lilac and lavender this year, hence why I’ve been buying everything in the same tone – shoes included! But that’s a story for another day..!


Would love to know what’s on your September favourites list! x

In August I’ve Loved…

August 29th  •  Posted in Favourites

In August I've Loved...

In August I've Loved...

With the fact that we’ve a summer holiday planned for the last weeks of August (and by the time you’re reading this post I’ll most likely be sunbathing or dipping my toes in the sea for the first time this year, finally!) and that I felt the need of treating myself a tiny bit this month, August saw a good amount of favourites this time! And it’s quite surprising actually, if I think back at these last weeks, because all I can remember is me being stuck at my laptop trying to catch up with work to feel less guilty about taking a two-week break..!

But here are a few August favourites…

In August I've Loved...
In August I've Loved...

Up Move Fitness Tracker – Jawbone ; Performer ClimaLite Leggings – Adidas

. F I T N E S S .

I reckon it might all be down to the Olympics and the fact even eating *healthy* carbs in front of the television made me feel guilty this last month, but in August I decided to finally up my fitness game a bit. I was a bit sceptical about the Jawbone Up Move Fitness Tracker, but I was proven wrong because right now I’m completely obsessed! This little gadget keeps track of all your steps and also your sleep, and pair amazingly with an intuitive iPhone app, to give you suggestions for your lifestyle, help you reach your steps and sleep goals and also (what I like the most) gives you the capability of recording everything you eat and being able to compare it to what you truly consume during your days. I’ll surely talk a bit more about it in a separate post, so stay tuned for that!

I’m not one that will ever enjoy running, but with the fact I’m keeping track of my steps everyday, I’ve set myself a goal to go for a speedy walk everyday. And while the cheap H&M leggings are so comfortable and easy to wear for practicing yoga, I needed something a bit more appropriate for different workouts, and I happened to find the Adidas Performer ClimaLite Leggings in the sales this month! I’m in love! The ClimaLite technology transports your sweat out of the tissue to leave you feeling always fresh and dry, and I love the fact that they are nicely high-waisted but not too constricting on your stomach and that they really suck everything in (how attractive..!). Needless to say I’ve already bought two more since that first pair…

In August I've Loved...
In August I've Loved...
In August I've Loved...

Fleur Three Straps Flats – Topshop (Similar) ; Embroidered Trim Swimsuit – Ninety Nine Degrees

. S T Y L E .

As I was mentioning lately, I went a tiny bit crazy in the summer sales for beachwear especially, with the excuse I totally needed to invest in some good summer pieces, but in reality just because shopping for beachwear is so much fun, right? And I was on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit to fit my needs, and I happen to be very needy on the swimsuit & bikini front. I have browsed the ASOS sales from top to bottom at least 5 times per day, to the point I started being quite obsessed about finding the perfect one but nothing seemed right up my street, until I found that beauty of a Ninety Nine Degrees Swimsuit and, luckly for my wallet, it was also 50% off! What a lucky day: it was everything I wanted in a swimsuit, with some lovely details, and interesting plunge front but a tight back and it was in my favourite colour too! I can’t recommend it enough for how well it’s made and how nicely it fits!

And talking of summer sales, I finally caved and got the Topshop Fleur flats I’ve been after since such a long time! And this time the perfect excuse was a wedding I’m going to attend soon and the fact you won’t ever see me wearing heels anytime soon… And yes, I’m already obsessed because of their amount of prettiness!

In August I've Loved...
In August I've Loved...

Laurel Wreath Ring – Pandora

. J E W E L R Y .

The entire month of July I’ve been strangely obsessed with rings. I never really found them interesting until I saw someone wearing a few lovely dainty rings in a picture somewhere and there was no way I could get the idea of buying some rings for myself out of my head! And there it started my hunt for some good quality rings I could wear everyday, and there I started stressing everyone about it.

And then, I was lucky enough to receive the most beautiful leaves wreath ring as anniversay gift – you see, stressing others about your current obsessions always works! I’m in love with how beautiful and detailed and romantic it is, and you know me and how I love everything that is linked to nature and the plants world especially. It hasn’t left my finger ever since…

In August I've Loved...
In August I've Loved...
In August I've Loved...

Copper Pineapple ℅ Talking Tables ; Stationery – Oana Befort ; Phone Case Backplates – Casetify

. R A N D O M .

Last month I made a little order from the lovely Oana Befort taking advantage of some sales going on and deciding I need to treat myself to some of those beautiful cards and temporary tattoos again. As always, it was such a joy unpacking my order, she always puts so much attention into details and packaging and never fails to add an extra greeting card that is always as beautiful as all the rest!

I’ve also decided to stock up on phone cases backplates this month! You might know by now I design a few phone cases every now and then for Casetify, and I’m such a fan of the quality of their ‘New Standard’ cases that I felt so grateful they decided to sell backplates for them so that you don’t have to re-buy the whole case over and over again but can interchange them maintaing the main structure. The ones in the picture are three designs from my collection!

And last but not at least, this month Talking Tables has treated me to some amazing table accessories (you might have seen me unboxing the whole thing over on Instagram Stories) and that little decorative pineapple has already made on top of my favourites list! I’d say it’s more on the rose gold side of copper but that makes me love it even more: it has already found place on my dressing table and I can’t seem to stop staring at it!


I told you it was going to be a long list, but that’s it, my August favourites all rounded up!
What’s made the top of your favourites list this month? x

Summer Wishlist

May 27th  •  Posted in Style

Summer Wishlist

I’ve been wanting to put together a Summer wishlist since a while now, but for some reasons it really didn’t feel like Summer was going to come around until just a few days ago. And then it suddently showed up with some glorious warm sunny days that are filling my body with energies and positivity!

I’m not the biggest fan of how hot summers are here in Italy, but I’d lie if I said I’m not extremely excited to wear flowy dresses, sandals and skirts on bare legs all day everyday! I don’t know about you but I’m already planning a whole lot of picnics and summer-themed dinners outside and I just can’t wait!

I’m sorry if I’m not being very present on this blog or on social media recently, but there’s one last day to go until a very special wedding that I’m helping to put together since months (it’s not mine!) and things are being quite busy around here! But in the meanwhile, here’s my summer wishlist (aka what I dream to wear each day for the next couple of months!)…

01. ASOS Bardot Stripe Button Front Beach Dress ;
02. Lien.Do by Seychelles Sillo Flats ;
03. ASOS Structured Midi Dress in Bird and Floral Print ;
04. Anthropologie Caged Bulb String Lights ;
05. Do Not Disturb Straw Sun Hat ;
06. Filanthropik Threads Guate Huaraches ;

What are you lusting after for this summer season? x