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Let’s Catch Up!

March 6th  •  Posted in Lifestyle


It has been a very long while since the last time I sat here typing down a little life update for this blog! Or that I asked you what you’ve been up to lately. Apparently I’m not good with consistency when it comes to monthly blog series, so this year I decided I won’t keep trying with no results and instead try to catch up with you every once in a while! I’ll go first!

Basically I feel like my life is my work and my work is my life lately. I’m spending so much time, energies, passion and love in my web design business that I’m impressed I can still manage to switch off when my scheduled working hours finish, as it just feel like I’m actually never really resting. I’m not complaining though, I really love my work and I’m so excited it’s become a reality and it’s going down pretty well! I am illustrating all the time, creating awesome logos, phone cases, ideas, blog designs, and having the chance of meeting inspiring people, creatives, bloggers and freelancers. That’s the very best part! Plus if you’re a freelancer you’ll understand the lovely feeling of being booked up months in advance, especially when you’re at the very beginning of your career!

On the life front things have been very nice lately, 2016 is being such a good one to me until now, with so many good news and seeing our life goals finally closer to us! I really wish it keeps going in this direction! I don’t really want to give anything away just yet as everything still feels so fragile and as if it would break in any minute, but I’m really at peace with life lately and it didn’t happen in a long while (and no, I’m not pregnant just yet 😉 )!

A few posts I’ve enjoyed lately: Sarah’s roundup of pretty Cafes for Writing in Bath, Rosie’s Cheese Scones Recipe, Jillian’s Pregnancy Announcement!


What’s new with you lately? Let’s catch up in the comments! x


August in 1:1 Snaps

August 31st  •  Posted in Lifestyle

August in 1:1 Snaps

We’re back, back to the usual, back to work, to homemade breakfasts, to the same desk and the same laptop, and August’s already come to an end. I can’t really believe how fast time runs when you’re having a well-deserved vacation, even more than the rest of the year, which is flying by so quickly anyway! We’ve had so much fun in August and are so glad we actually decided to treat ourselves to a holiday after so long: even though I kind of had a hard time to admit every human needs to stop and relax sometimes, it felt such a blessing at some point to be able to just stop thinking about big plans and goals, work and all that stressful stuff, for a few weeks and just enjoy the sea, sand, sun and the freedom we had at our fingertips.

So here is my monthly happy list…

1 :: Having a good amount of time by the beach felt such a blessing after not seeing the sea for years. I’ve mentioned it before, but living there even for only a few weeks made the world of good to my body and mind and now I feel so positive about everything!

2 :: Even gloomy days have been a pleasure there, the perfect occasion for exploring a new place and wandering around the local market picking up fresh local fruit and cute souvenirs. Those are the small things that will stay with me for a while when thinking back at the whole holiday!

3 :: Late night takeaway pizza. After a long day during which we took advantage of every last second of sun on the beach, we went on the hunt for a takeaway pizza place, which, as it turned out, wasn’t the easiest of the tasks. But, even if my pick wasn’t the best of the choices, it was a lovely night anyway!

4 :: Getting back into the routine isn’t always the happiest thing, but I’m quite glad I was finally able to please my need to get back to work as soon as possible. Having a routine always make me feel organized and like everything is in its right place. Am I the only one?!

5 :: Cinema night. I seem to mention this one quite often in these posts, but we had a lovely homemade pizza + cinema night just a couple of days ago and I always enjoy it so much. Plans called for popcorn too, but we were so full after all the pizza that we decided to skip those. We watched The Imitation Game, which was a nice one indeed!

What’s on your happy list this month? x

August in 1:1 Snaps

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June & July in 1:1 Snaps.

July 30th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

July in 1:1 snaps

Whoa! These last two months have flown by, literally! I feel like I need to try and explain where I have been these last few weeks and the reasons behind my absence, but all I can say is that work has been the main priority for most of June and July and I’ve decided to take a couple of weeks off too. I’m working at a couple of projects I am planning to launch this Autumn which make me very excited, so I somehow found myself neglecting this little space a little bit just to make sure I could make the most of the time I had to work and tick some to-do things off my list!

On other news, we weren’t sure until last week, but we finally decided to go on our first proper holiday after a very long time made of summers spent at home. I can’t really remember the last time I got this excited to see a beach and the sea in my whole life, which makes me realize, as much as I like to type words and codes at my laptop all year round, I definitely need a vacation too. Hopefully a few blog posts will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks, however, if you’d like to follow our adventures in real time, you should totally check us out on Instagram!

Here is a list of highlights from the past two months…

1 :: Remember when I said we got a little red canary a few months ago? Well, things evolved very quickly! We decided to get him a female friend, a bright yellow slim canary named Anna, only a month later, and passed another month, they started building a nest and just a few days later four small blue eggs appeared in there. Even more exciting, only 14 days later I’ve seen the smaller little canary coming to life on a dark dreary day of June. It was one of the best things I’ve seen, following him growing up day after day, from when he was a pink ball of flesh and big black closed eyes, to when he started putting on his first plumage, be fed from his young mum and, the most exciting day, to see him flying out of the nest for the very first time!

2 :: Mexican dinners. They make me very happy! And homemade dinners made of tortillas, guacamole, spicy peppers and beans have become quite a habit in the last couple of months!

3 :: Our day trip to the lake. More about it very soon (we have some pretty nice postcard-like photos), but I’m so glad we decided to take a day off and step outside toward a place we’ve never visited together, and simply enjoy a day of relax and wandering around, enjoying the view.

4 :: Impromptu Cinema nights. We’ve build a few nests made of pillows and soft blankets on the floor a few times this month, add a couple of bowls of homemade freshly popped butter popcorn, a good amount of movies and TV series to catch up on, and you pretty much have a picture of a standard week night at our place!

5 :: Bikini shopping. I can’t believe I’ve been adding this to a happy list as I’ve always thought at bikini shopping as something stressful and enervating, but I’m actually finding myself enjoy it quite a lot. Finding the perfect bikini for my body type is more a challenge than everything else, and it’s always been, but I’m so glad high waisted bikini has been invented… really!

What’s on your happy list this month? x

June in 1:1 snaps

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