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Anniversary day

August 4th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

As you probably already know from my One Year Together post, we had our first anniversary last week and you also probably can remember we met in Milan the very first time one year ago; so for our first anniversary we decided to re-live it all like it happened the first time, and met in the exact same spot we found each other one year ago.

The weather was pretty similar to last year, it all started with a pretty hot sun up in the sky, then it suddenly became rainy and a big bad storm was right upon us without we could even realize, with no regrets from me about deciding to wear my summer rain shoes (read: thicker loafers). Last year though, the sun came back after a while, but this year we left each other in the evening with the same rainy and cold weather as before. Even though we would had much more enjoyed our anniversary day without the rain, it really made us remember the first time we met and made everything a lot more alike.

We spent our morning wandering around, eating and buying noodles to bring home (because we’re obsessed), then went for two lemon & strawberry water ice when the weather was still super hot and we couldn’t even walk around without looking like some sweaty messes, but as soon as we decided to walk to Parco Sempione (where we spent our first afternoon wandering around and chatting a lot), the sky became darker and the weather chillier and when we reached the Sforza castle the storm was there and we has been actually stuck there for a hour or more just because the rain was too heavy to let us walk somewhere else. Lastly, as soon as the rain allowed us to move, we headed over a safer place, a Cafè, ordered two pieces of cake and two Marocchino and stayed there chatting and talking and laughing for a few more hours until it was time to take the train and go home.

We snapped some pictures of the day and thought to share them with you hoping you can enjoy them! I always love seeing Milan and it was nice to wander around like a tourist with the camera on the shoulder (no one asking for directions!) even though I’m not a huge fan of the tourist mode when it rains, and that’s for sure.


One year together

July 29th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

I feel like we know each other since a few long lifes ago which is not completely wrong, but me and Ale actually met exactly one year ago. I know it has only been a year, but it was our year and for what is worth, it was so important to us to be able to spend it properly together.

We actually know each other for six years now, five of what were spent far away from each other, not even knowing if an hypothetical real relationship between us would have ever been possible, which was the hardest part, really. Not knowing if we could ever see each other or if we were seriously meant to be together as a real couple. But the years have passed and we were actually pretty lucky to be able to know each other well, like no other did, and when we met for the first time an exact year ago, we already knew we have always been meant to meet each other.

It all changed with no regrets by any means, we’ll never miss those five years but I would personally re-do it all now. It was all worth. This past year was the best I had in a long time, even though I had health and other personal issues and lived a super unlucky period which I don’t still know if it’s over, it definitely was the best year I could ask for. I think we probably know each other a lot more than any other one year couple out there, we shared a lot even before it all started for true, but this year together we grew a lot, we changed and our relationship did, we started sharing dreams and plans for the upcoming and distant future, we made our first decisions together, we had fights and made peace, we laughed a lot, we shared everything that happened to us, we learned a lot and I deep down know if it wasn’t for him being present in my life, I wouldn’t ever have made a lot of decisions or steps I actually did and am super happy about.

This was our first concrete year together, so thank you for giving me the best year I had in a really long time!


Dinner and a Movie

July 22nd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

It doesn’t happen to us pretty often to have a concrete time to have a classic date in the evening like a dinner and a movie kind of thing, being that we don’t live close to each other and that we always have to leave early in the evening for the last train. As you probably already know though, me and my boyfriend are spending a week or two together lately and when he asked me what I liked to do on Friday night, I had no doubt: we still had to have our first serious dinner and a movie date.

First things first, there’s nothing cuter than the boyfriend that picks some flowers up for you while you’re booking some movie tickets, and you simply have to Instagram the moment.

I know a lot of people aren’t fans of cinemas in summertime, but I think it’s very nice especially because there’s not too many people and it’s quieter (which is always nice), plus it’s a pleasure to be in a fresh place when it’s so hot outside. On the other hand there’re not too many new movies releases in summertime which is sad, but being that we never go to the cinema, we still had to watch Maleficent, of which both of us were super curious about, and we didn’t care if it is kind of old now, we just wanted some quality time watching a movie we were interested in. And it was good.

Food-wise we couldn’t ask anything better. We had dinner right next to the cinema and had the most delicious lasagna alla caprese of all; fries were needed as well as two different desserts that we shared as always just to have two different options: the chocolate salami is my weakness, add coconut flakes and strawberry and I’m completely sold, while the classic tiramisu was perfect as well!

Can’t really complain about our long distance relationship when we still are able to do this kind of things. This was definitely my perfect dream date and it couldn’t be nicer – yes, we also had popcorn.

What about your dream date?