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Let’s Catch Up!

March 6th  •  Posted in Lifestyle


It has been a very long while since the last time I sat here typing down a little life update for this blog! Or that I asked you what you’ve been up to lately. Apparently I’m not good with consistency when it comes to monthly blog series, so this year I decided I won’t keep trying with no results and instead try to catch up with you every once in a while! I’ll go first!

Basically I feel like my life is my work and my work is my life lately. I’m spending so much time, energies, passion and love in my web design business that I’m impressed I can still manage to switch off when my scheduled working hours finish, as it just feel like I’m actually never really resting. I’m not complaining though, I really love my work and I’m so excited it’s become a reality and it’s going down pretty well! I am illustrating all the time, creating awesome logos, phone cases, ideas, blog designs, and having the chance of meeting inspiring people, creatives, bloggers and freelancers. That’s the very best part! Plus if you’re a freelancer you’ll understand the lovely feeling of being booked up months in advance, especially when you’re at the very beginning of your career!

On the life front things have been very nice lately, 2016 is being such a good one to me until now, with so many good news and seeing our life goals finally closer to us! I really wish it keeps going in this direction! I don’t really want to give anything away just yet as everything still feels so fragile and as if it would break in any minute, but I’m really at peace with life lately and it didn’t happen in a long while (and no, I’m not pregnant just yet 😉 )!

A few posts I’ve enjoyed lately: Sarah’s roundup of pretty Cafes for Writing in Bath, Rosie’s Cheese Scones Recipe, Jillian’s Pregnancy Announcement!


What’s new with you lately? Let’s catch up in the comments! x


May in 1:1 Snaps

May 29th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

May in 1:1 Snaps

Hey May, where have you gone? I haven’t have enough time to even think about summer vacations that June is already here between us in a couple of days! I’ve been so immersed in projects and work and life issues that this year is seeming to pass by way too quickly to me. May has brought a little taste of summer weather which made me even more anxious about having zero plans for summertime yet, but I can’t deny it was lovely to feel the heat of the sun on my skin on a few occasions. All in all it could have been a better month, with my kitty being extremely ill all of a sudden and a few too many stressful days spent typing codes that didn’t work at my laptop, but seeing it now that it’s ending, things seem to be getting better!

Here are a couple of highlights from my month…

1 :: Games of Thrones. That time of the year we were all waiting for has finally come and I couldn’t have been more excited, if only time didn’t pass so quickly! I can’t believe season 5 is almost over already! Yet, I always find myself counting the days until a new episode – to me, GoT is that good! I’m also *very* excited that June is finally coming because of other TV series – OITNB anyone?!

2 :: Our afternoon smoothies. We’re getting into the habit to drink healthy and refreshing fruit smoothies in the afternoon, and it’s been a month or more that we haven’t missed a single day. It’s such an enjoyable and delicious healthy habit to get into! I’ve also shared a couple of favourite combinations here recently, if you’d like to take a peek!

3 :: Finally seeing an end to a long stressful work. This month I’ve worked mainly at re-building this blog on a new platform from scratch, and if it usually takes me a couple of weeks or a little less to put together a blog design, this one has took me an entire month of headaches! Yet, I’m so proud of how it turned out and happy I got the opportunity to learn something new that surely will come useful in more occasions in the upcoming future! Plus there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the final result of something you’re working so hardly on for such a long time!

4 :: Getting to see the world outside once in a while. With the excuse I wanted to see an end to my work as soon as possible, I’ve spent way too many hours in front of my laptop this month, so much that when I got the occasion to go outside, I realized how much I missed the beauty of the world and its landscapes, the flowering bushes and the blue sky!

5 :: Seeing what once were small seeds becoming little plants! It’s so exciting and probably the best thing about springtime! I’ve planted mint, basil and parsley this year, with the intent to use their leaves in my meals at some point, and even though it was a long process, now both of them have grown quite a lot!


Let me know what has made your May a good one in the comments! x

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Never Seen Content

May 2nd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

The thing with blogging is that sometimes you just want to take photos at literally everything you do/wear/eat and do a blog post about it; but the things I do/wear/eat sometimes are too many to be shared on here and I end up to pile post drafts in a forgotten archive. Those are fated to be never published posts for the rest of their life, so, as I’ve previously announced, I’ve decided to put together a Steller account where to publish never seen pictures, recipes, outfits and lifestyle thoughts. So if you’d like to see more of my content, photography and recipes, all you need to do is head over there and start loving the Steller app as much as I do (it’s such a pretty and creative way to share pictures and texts!).

A few things I’ve been posting recently on there are forgotten healthy recipes, suggested places where to stop and eat in Milan, pictures of a few day trips and way too many blooms, odes to springtime and spring appropriate outfits.

{ Recent never seen content }
Springtime { an ode }
California Bakery – Milan
Healthy Coconut + Cocoa Cookies
Springtime in Milan

Anyone else finding there’s too much to share? 😉 x