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The Advantages Of Online Shopping

November 16th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

The advantages of online shopping
This post is sponsored by Groupon, but all opinions are mine as always

The Benefits of online shopping

It is amazing, isn’t it?, how easy spending money can be in 2016 when you can buy things with one click online and have them delivered at your door the next day! Still, I am a huge fan of shopping on the internet and believe, if you do it consciously, there’s no better thing that’s been invented yet!

We have every single thing at our fingertips and, let’s face it, there’s nothing more convinient than that! But I definitely still hear people doubting the advantages of online shopping pretty often in real life, and not only older generations really! It’s easy to be sceptical about something you’ve never tried or you had bad experiences with in the past, or when you just can’t see and touch what you’re buying while you’re doing it. But online shops have become totally secure recently and if you’re careful, shopping online can be your best friend, and here’s why…

The advantages of online shopping

Number one between the advantages of online shopping: being able to shop from the comfort of your home and sweatpants!
Four advantages of online shopping
The advantages of online shopping: shop from the comfort of your home

Know what you’re looking for

When shopping in real life for something specific, it can be easy to get attracted to things that weren’t previously on our list of what we needed. I do realize newsletters kind of have a similar result, when you are bombarded with a lot of different offers every single day, and this is why I like to be subscribed to the bare minimum of them…

But if you are shopping online, chances are you’re doing it because you need something in specific and if you look for that only, you can actually save a lot of money on things you don’t really need and would have bought in real life instead. I find online shopping always help when I need to shop purposely!


Find the best deals in your sweatpants

But the best thing is surely being able to find exactly what you’re looking for and all of this, from the comfort of your own home and without the need of stepping foot outside! And you can get some amazing deals online as well: always do a little search before purchasing anything because chances are there’s a coupon available in that same moment.

Groupon Coupons is definitely one to check out: they list hundred of coupons each month, all categorized based on the brand name, so that it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for. They have coupons for any tipology of products, like style, beauty, fitness but also photo printing websites and everything in between. They feature fashion brands like Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole and Dressbarn but you can also find amazing deals while shopping for beauty and makeup, at Tarte for example! Definitely a huge help when shopping on a budget!

One of the advantages of online shopping: shop purposely, know what you're looking
The advantages of online shopping: you can try clothes on from the comfort of your home and consider whether to keep them or not

Think about it more

While online shopping can still be very impulsive (and this is why I suggest to never use the Amazon’s 1-Click option!), I find I actually get to think a little bit more about what I’m buying and if I really need it. You don’t surely have the pressure of time, nor of a persistent shop assistant, and that can make a huge difference!

I sometimes save things on my online wishlists and keep them there for months until I know I’m still convinced, and that’s the appropriate time to buy it.


Try it on at home

One of the things that make people sceptical about the advantages of online shopping, is that you can’t really see and try on a product, especially clothes, before purchasing. But you know what? Almost every website offers free returns nowadays, and because of that, you can purchase something you like, get it delivered at your door, and try it on from the comfort of you home.

You don’t have to try and understand if something suit you while constricted in a tiny changing room, plus you get the advantage of trying it with different outfits and see if your purchase will be something you’ll get a lot of use out of in the future. Just be very severe: it’s easy to want to keep everything, but try and consider if you really need and will use that item – if not, send it back, it’s free!


That’s it, four advantages of online shopping from my point of view!
Do you shop online regularly? Do you find it easier than regular shopping? x

This post is sponsored by Groupon. All opinions and love for online shopping and coupons are 100% my own!


The New Lush Duomo

November 5th  •  Posted in Beauty

Showing you around the new Lush Duomo boutique, opening today, Novemeber 5th 2016!

You know if there’s one big brand I love, that is Lush! I’ve been a lover of their natural beauty range for years now, my very first choice when it comes to all things skincare, haircare and bath *art*, of course; I’m also a true believer Lush should open more shops here in Italy, so, all that considered, you can imagine my excitement when it was first announced to me that they were opening a new shop in Milan… but not only that: it was going to be the biggest shop in Milan too!

I actually heard them saying, almost whispering, it’s technically the biggest Lush boutique in Europe, even bigger than Oxford Street! And it really is huge. The furniture and decor is actually inspired to Lush Oxford Street and is beautifully photogenic, if you ask me!

Said Lush Duomo shop is opening today, but I was lucky enough to see a preview of it a couple of days ago, so let me show you a bit around…

Huge skincare area in the new Lush Duomo shop in Milan
Festive products in the Lush Duomo new shop
Natural haircare from the new Lush Duomo boutique
The New Lush Duomo

I’ll admit, there’s hardly any detail I could say was my least favourite, because I loved every inch of it! But if I have to mention one thing I loved more than everything, that was surely the use and amount of greenery involved: they have pretty vases of roses, rosemary, aloe vera, lavender (and more) dotted around the shop with the cutest labels explaining how they implement those ingredients in their products.

They have the biggest skincare area I’ve ever seen in a Lush boutique, and I’m talking really huge! I spent a good half and hour talking with the kindest girl about some of the most exciting products they stock, and we barely covered a quarter of the skincare area, so you can imagine!

The most photogenic installment of the new Lush Duomo boutique in Milan, Italy
Huge skincare area in the new Lush Duomo shop in Milan
Prettiest installment for Lush's fresh masks in their new Lush Duomo shop in Milan
Rose-scented haircare in the new Milan's Lush Duomo shop
Teeth products and exclusives for the new Lush Duomo shop
Bodycare area in the new Milan's Lush Duomo shop
Cutest labels to explain how Lush uses natural ingredients in their products (Lush Duomo in Milan)

They are also currently stocking some of the Oxford Street limited exclusive products, which is pretty awesome! Between these, only this weekend, they’re selling their exclusive Mouthwash Tabs, that I have had a chance to try already and that are amazing! And of course, they currently have the biggest amount of festive Christmas products, that always makes me very happy indeed!

And they are also having such a fun opening day with live music, workshops and events (read more here). Lush Duomo is opening today, November 5th, at 4pm! But if you can’t make it, I highly suggest giving it a visit whenever you’re in Milan – find it right behind the Duomo. 😉


Any other Lush lovers? x


Stay Shady

June 16th  •  Posted in Style

Stay Shady

So let’s start another weather talk, right? Here in Italy Summer is just keep us hanging on. The odd storms aren’t really missing an evening lately, while mornings are sunny and nice, but not really hot just yet, which makes getting dressed the harder of tasks! But while not really being able to wear flowy skirts and sandals all the time just yet, something that is really coming in handy is a couple of pairs of sunnies always hanging around in my handbag!

And talking of sunnies, I’ve been wearing the same old pair for years, and although it’ll always have a special place in my heart, I was very excited to give it a break and try something different this year.

Stay Shady
Stay Shady
Stay Shady
Stay Shady

Owning only a pair for years, the one thing I do know about sunglasses is that big round shapes truly fit me nicely! That’s why these Owensboro Round Sunglasses* called my name so loudly as soon as I spotted them. I also have a soft spot for brown lenses especially, and while I was a little sceptical about the lenses opacity at first, I can’t really express how much I love the fact you can half-see my eyes through that 60% brown tint!

At the same time, my Beatrice Wayfarer* pair immediately looked a perfectly trendy pick to me! And although I’m still one for round shapes instead of ones on the squared side, I love having options now! Especially since these have the most lovely golden details!

Stay Shady
Stay Shady
Stay Shady
Stay Shady

I couldn’t suggest GlassesShop enough: I loved being able to pick the perfect glasses frames, pair it with my favourite lenses colour and type and select all the details and options. It felt like ordering a totally custom pair of fancy sunnies, but considering how many cheap glasses (but not in quality!) I was able to find on the site, getting them at a small portion of the price at the same time! Add the fact they also sell prescription sunglasses and you’re basically sorted for summertime!

GlassesShop is offering 50% off all Miel Café’s readers, on both sunglasses and eyeglasses with free lenses with the coupon code GSHOT50. And considering how affordable they already are, this is such a treat, isn’t it?! I hope you enjoy! x

* The products mentioned in this post were sent to me as a gift, but the love for them and the website is all mine!