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Treat Yourself

January 15th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Treat Yourself

As the new year started I downloaded the Balanced App on my phone, and with my usual way to intend things, I thought I’d start to use it to force myself to do things I need to do more as if what I usually do is not enough. It was only when notifications started to appear on my screen saying ‘Have you rewarded yourself today?’ that I kind of got it, what it’s meant to be like: it’s about rewarding and treating yourself for all the hard work, about finding time to do more of what you like but usually don’t do frequently enough and reminding yourself that all the hard work you put into things produces something you should also invest in anything you love – be it painting, reading a book, going out more, anything really.

I silently went through a phase when everything I was doing and producing (not only as a creative freelancer but also as a home baker, reader, photographer), it just wasn’t enough. The thing with the modern online world is that we’re always in touch with worldwide people lifes which just always look so nice and neat through a camera, and especially when producing online content, it’s so easy to feel down and not up the the circumstances. Most times I’m OK with anything I produce and am proud of what I do, but do you ever feel like ‘what a boring life I have though!’? – entering that state of mind where your life is not that interesting at all just doesn’t do any good to your confidence and creativity.

What it was happening to me was that I went back into a rigid working routine and forgot about taking enough breaks and time for myself (again!!). I forgot to treat and reward myself for all the hard work, the progresses and all the positive steps I took so far. I needed that gentle reminder to avoid myself the winter blues and get back into track: I treated myself to some new little things that make me feel happier and comfier, and I already feel a lot more motivated!

Treat Yourself
Treat Yourself
Treat Yourself
Treat Yourself
Why you should treat yourself

01 :: It reminds you you’re the reason things are working out;

02 :: Spoiling yourself to something you like make you feel important and appreciated;

03 :: You work hard each day and you most likely would spent what you earn from it in treats for others, so sometimes it’s just right to invest in yourself – because you earned it!;

04 :: Having new clothes, books, accessories, pens (or anything you’d like to treat yourself to) will make you feel rewarded and motivated to work harder and nicer;

05 :: Having some ‘me-time’ with your new treats will not only relax you, but also boost your creativity and encourage you to reach even better results!

Treat Yourself

As for me, it might seems so basic and boring, but I like to spoil myself to new loungewear and PJs and cosy fluffy new slippers. I popped into Oysho the other day and found there my happy place: I would always buy anything from them, everything always looks so cosy, soft, fluffy and comfy! Just my type of loungewear. And since I’ve promised myself to read more in the new year, I’ve invested in the famous The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and am excited to start reading it!


What’s your favourite way to treat yourself? x

Treat Yourself


Christmas Gift Guide for Him

November 28th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Today’s post is all about gift ideas for all the men in your life! I know for a fact that buying gifts for men is one of the most dubious yet fun thing to do, but finding something they would really appreciate is a whole other thing, isn’t it? That’s why I asked for the help of a man to put this gift guide together – so that I knew either me or any of you won’t be wrong! Most of these are super cute yet very inexpensive, some great if paired and others just perfect stocking fillers, but there’s something for any men here! So hopefully this will inspire your shopping (especially now that most things are discounted!) ;).

H&M Flannel Pajamas + H&M Deer Socks Set – Friend/Brother

You can’t really go wrong with nice, soft, high quality pajamas especially if paired with a nice festive-themed socks set, don’t you? I’ll be honest, this is one of my picks for the gift guide, but I’m sure anyone wears pjs and socks! Especially if they’re cute and have some snowflakes and deer printed all over them. They will appreciate, I’ll tell you!

Woodbuds iPhone 6 Phone Case – For his stocking

If you’re looking for a great stocking filler, you can’t really go wrong with a phone case! Now, everyone has his own tastes on the subject, but chances are most men will love a handmade wooden phone case like this one from Woodbuds. It makes for a very unique and different gift idea that your man will surely appreciate!

Kahuna WatchLush Lord Of Misrule Shower Gel – Boyfriend/Dad

These can be both great as stocking fillers or just gifts on their own! The Kahuna Watch is just a great casual gift idea for both boyfriends and dads, while Lush Lord Of Misrule has just the perfect warming unisex scent men will love (a mix of sweet and spicy, vanilla and patchouli with a touch of black pepper!) – and it’s actually one my boyfriend adores and uses all the time, so I’m not making this one up! ; )

Nespresso Capsules SetIndependent Coffee Book: London – For Coffee Lovers

Lastly, if you know someone that loves coffee as much as we all do (right?), it’s the perfect excuse to buy him coffee related gifts! I love the Independent Coffee Book, as I love a pretty café when I spot it, and if I don’t spot it I want to know where to find it! And the book contains a very huge amount of beautiful independent coffee shops in London – and it can be an excuse to visit them together as well! While if know someone who loves Italian coffee I bet it would appreciate a set of Nespresso Capsules a lot (it’s always such a treat to try out new flavours!).

For more gift ideas make sure you check out my ‘Click-n-Buy Gift Guide’!

Lush Christmas haul

November 24th  •  Posted in Beauty

Lush Christmas Haul

I wasn’t even finished with my spooky Halloween bath products that I was invited to join the lovely people at Lush to get to know a few of their new Christmas products. As a lover of the Holiday season and all things festive, as well as being I already a huge fan of a few limited edition Lush products they only bring out at Christmas time, you’ll understand how excited I was to learn more about every product and gift box they’re selling at Lush this year!

As a result, I came out with a huge goodie bag that smelled as heavenly as you can get! Between their all time best sellers, Lush has brought out a few new products and scents that I was so excited to try out and it goes without even saying that those have quickly become my new favourite bath and skincare natural products of the season; that’s why I need to share them with you!

Lush Christmas Haul

Lush Christmas Haul

I had already spotted Salt and Peppermint Bark before and had already put my eyes on it, so I was as excited as ever to be able to give it a proper try. Aiming to both scrub and hydrate, this little bar jam-packed with peppermint oil, sea salt and Fair Trade cocoa butter is the best scrub-y thing you’ll ever try. Being I a fan of very harsh scrubs, I’m not always satisfy with creamy scrubs you usually get in pots, but this bar is just perfect: you can totally feel it scrubbing away any death skin while also re-hydrating it with its natural oils and butters. Lush has brought out a mint line this winter, trusting in the heating power of mint – great for any winter evening’s hot showers!

Rose Jam is one of their shower gels I’ve always wanted to try: I’m a fan of rose-scented beauty products and this one is a rose bouquet even at your first sniff! I wasn’t surprise to discover it contain Fair Trade vanilla pod infusion due to its sweet scent – plus I love vanilla and I spot it everywhere! It also contains repairing and antioxidant argan oil to condition the skin, Sicilian lemon and goji berry juice to cleanse and brighten and obviously rose oil, for a fragrance that lasts all day on the skin.

Another one I was very excited about since they launched it is Five Gold Rings, a reusable bubble bath smelling of delicious vanilla and moringa oil. Five (or even more to be honest) baths in one single product, that, if you ask me, would also be the perfect little festive decoration for any bathroom if hung somewhere (it makes any room smelling super sweet too!). It’s jam-packed with Fair Trade vanilla and infused with skin-softening illipe butter – to me it’s this year’s best Christmas product!

Lush Christmas Haul

But not only that: I can’t also wait to try out Snowman, a festive and cute shower jelly smelling very close to So White, First Snow, a sparkling dusting powder, and Star Dust a vanilla-scented bath bomb filled with little edible stars (this one sounds very promising, isn’t it?!). Also they have the cutest Christmas gift ideas you have ever seen (can you spot the carousel?).

Have you tried any Lush Christmas product this year? What’s you favourite?! x

** All the products mentioned were courtesy of Lush, but love for all their Christmas range and opinions are all my own!