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Etsy Favourite Finds!

January 21st  •  Posted in Lifestyle

It’s no secret I have a weakness for a good old online shopping session (more often than it’s considered healthy, I may add), but you might not know my favourite place to shop online is, no doubts, Etsy. When I think of it, I think of thousand or more pair of hands working at something of huge value in the same very moment and building objects, art, products, that are truly unique and special. You can buy handmade elsewhere, but Etsy is the place where to go and support little crafters and artists that really need the support you can give them with a simple purchase or a little feedback. So to share the love for handmade, I will start today suggesting my favourite Etsy shops, with the only aim to introduce you to some local (or not) artisans that really deserve a mention or two!

When buying on Etsy there’re no boundaries, you can shop from artisans from all over the world, but sometimes the shipping cost or tax fee could be a limit, so I generally tend to shop from inside the EU, but, as you’ll see, sometimes oversea shops can definitely be worth the effort, the waiting and the extra pounds spent for shipping!

Etsy Favourite Finds.

Pai and pear
Isabel is a Madrid based talented Irish illustrator that creates the cutest notebooks, fabrics, stickers, prints using her own illustrations. Her shop is jam-packed with adorable stationery pieces, home and paper goods, prints and phone cases, and her unique illustration style is the sweetest thing, really! Despite all her items are handmade and unique, everything is really affordable, which means you really need to treat yourself to something from her shop at some point, no excuses!

I boughtMagnet Note Pad / Stickers (Sold out).

Etsy Favourite Finds.

Il Gatto Goloso
Beside looking for EU based shops, I definitely also try to support national artisans too, and Claudia is in fact a super talented Italian food stylist that sells everything food lovers would adore to own to style and decorate their food! From cute paper goods, to colourful paper straws and adorable muffin cups, washi tape, tea cloths, gift tags and all kinds of twine, you can definitely find anything you’ll need to style and take a good food picture in her shop! She is such a lovely girl too, and really cares about your order – she also added some cute labels and a bit of extra twine to my parcel which were very appreciated!

I boughtChevron Paper Bags / Stripe Paper Bags / Jar Tags.

Etsy Favourite Finds.

Lenny Mud
If you’re looking for something truly unique and different, you can’t go wrong with Lenny Mud. ‘Lenny’ creates a large variety of objects with clay and has really beautiful and innovative design skills; her shop is full of beautiful mugs, teapots, bowls, ornaments that would be perfect gifts for him & her for any occasion, really. In fact my adorable panda mug was a well appreciated gift from my boyfriend! If you’re not USA based, be prepared to spend a bit extra pounds for shipping, but I’ll tell you this, all her products are totally and completely worth it!

He boughtPanda Cookie Dunk Mug.

If you like my suggestions, you might want to check out my other Etsy favourites!
Share the love for your favourite Etsy shops in the comments! I’d love to discover new talents. x

Milan looking Christmassy + WEARING :: Winter Uniform

December 17th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

WEARING :: Winter Uniform + A Winter-y Milan Trip.
WEARING :: Winter Uniform + A Winter-y Milan Trip.
WEARING :: Winter Uniform + A Winter-y Milan Trip.

Last Thursday we had a busy but lovely day in Milan to attend the grand opening of the H&M’s Italian flagship store in the Duomo area, which meant we have waited a good hour standing in the cold and watching a big red countdown screen. Luckily the weather was pretty nice, but even though the sun was up in the blue sky, it was such a cold, chilly, freezing day and fortunately they planned to warm us up with freshly made coffee and croissants and muffins – which made the waiting quite enjoyable, let me tell you this. The store is beautiful and ginormous and stocks a few items I’ve never seen elsewhere and there was no doubt we were going to take advantage of our well-deserved first 300 customers’ 25% off voucher – especially since the day after was Christmas Jumper Day -, however I was a bit disappointed because I read somewhere they might was going to open the first Italian H&M Home store as well, but we’ll need to keep buying our homeware from the website as they don’t seem to want to bring H&M Home here anytime soon (sadly!).

Milan is feeling pretty festive with its Christmas markets, big Christmas tree, fairy lights and festive decorations all around. We took advantage of the trip to do some Christmas shopping as well as to go and admire the Ladurée festive environment (and they are definitely doing Christmas right!) and windows (I love the new pineapple packagings) and obviously to treat myself to some macarons – as always I came home with a very brown-looking macarons box as I just have a thing for coffee, chocolate and vanilla that stops me from deciding of trying some new flavours everytime I buy macarons, however I think I might’ve become a fan of the Rose Petal one!

I was so glad I decided to wear jeans, two pair of woollen socks, my warmest wool-blend coat and my new pompom beanie, as I don’t think I would had ever been able to browse through all the Christmas markets without freezing that day. I’ve been very faithful to this winter uniform these past weeks that I thought it deserves a mention; I know it’s quite boring, but I bet most of the girls out there would rather wear boring instead of freezing in the winter cold just to wear cute dresses (or maybe not?), plus I love boring, boring is surely my thing!

*P.S. :: Even though I’m wearing mostly H&M clothes and talking about their store, this is not a sponsored post at all, all the clothes were bought with my own money, and I wasn’t invited to attend the opening, I just love this brand and went there and wore their items because of it!


WEARING :: Winter Uniform + A Winter-y Milan Trip.
WEARING :: Winter Uniform + A Winter-y Milan Trip.
WEARING :: Winter Uniform + A Winter-y Milan Trip.
WEARING :: Winter Uniform + A Winter-y Milan Trip.
WEARING :: Winter Uniform + A Winter-y Milan Trip.


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Love Sales?!

October 16th  •  Posted in Style

shop! ;

May the day that online shopping was born be blessed, there’s nothing better than snuggling in a cozy throw on the couch with a warm cup of tea while browsing through my favourite online shops and finding amazing deals and buying everything I need from home! Bye bye stress! Don’t know about you but I’m always on the hunt for interesting deals online and my online purchases are usually due to discounts and coupon codes appearing between my mails – I just can’t turn my back on an amazing deal.

I was recently introduced to Love Sales, a cool website updated daily that reports the best deals online: whether they are seasonal sales or random discounts, it is a fantastic guide through the best sales online featuring all the best and most popular brands out there. Imagine to squeeze your newsletter section of your mailbox including all the sales and discounts in one website. You can pick your favourite brands and be always updated on the best deals going on on their online shops but also keep an eye on your favourite items to see when they reach the target price you want to pay for it. Plus you can browse through a hand picked selection of Latest Hot Sales all with amazing discounts between 25-75% off.

keep an eye on it ;

I love how easily you can select the products you like and keep an eye on them, checking if the price raises or drops and when it’s the best moment to shop. The vast selection of brands and items allows to shop for literally every occasion, and buy the biggest variety of items, like coats, dresses, accessories, watches and even forniture. Doesn’t it sound the coolest shopping tool online? Yep, it does. It’s free and extremely easy to use! Here’s a selection of incredible deals that are going on in My List

2 :: Love Moschino Long Sleeve Rope Print Shift Dress with Crew Neck ;
3 :: Topshop Stripe Cropped Jacket ;
4 :: Fenn Wright Manson Blake Cardigan ;

Not to mention I’ve just got a lovely shopping session through the current ASOS 50% Off Sale and bought some amazing deals for autumn – so thank you Love Sales!
Did you know Love Sales? Is online shopping your thing?