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What’s in my crossbody bag

October 17th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

What's In My Crossbody Bag

Oh I can’t even begin to thing when was the last time I published a ‘what’s in my bag’ kind of post, really, so today we’re talking handbag essentials, shall we?!

I’ve never been one who loves to go to the minimum when it comes to handbag contents, although in the years I’ve come to prefer small bags to big spacious ones. Even if I’ve gone a few months with a big shopper bag and would have sworn about it all the time, as soon as the season has changed I’ve found myself after a smaller alternative once again, and so I went on the hunt for the perfect crossbody bag, that wasn’t too big nor too small and constricting!

What's In My Crossbody Bag
What's In My Crossbody Bag

This Mint&Berry mini crossbody bag (similar here) was exactly what I was after and I loved the Cognac colour as soon as I saw it! But moving from a huge shopper to a tiny bag was kind of traumatic: I was used to carry my whole house and more with me all the time all summer long and now I had to reduce the whole thing to the very minimum!

That makes you realize you only need a few essentials with you (or not?). For me, those are something like a small handy portable charger that’s only slightly bigger than a lipstick, a notebook or two to note down or sketch any ideas I get on-the-go, a cute card holder (my poor Topshop wallet wasn’t really closing anymore…) and of course the lipstick I’m wearing that day for touch-ups!

What's In My Crossbody Bag
What's In My Crossbody Bag

What’s in my crossbody bag

Aukey Mini Portable Charger ; Card Holder (Similar) ; Mini Notebooks ;
Tiger Peppermint Fish ; Hand Sanitizer ; Topshop Wallet (old) ;
Paul and Joe Lipsticks ; Cat-Eye Sunglasses

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#Girlboss Uniform

October 8th  •  Posted in Style

My Girlboss Uniform

You might remember I’ve shared a post about my #Girlboss perfect pair of jeans earlier this year… well, today I’m sharing another work-from-home look of choice and I’ll call it #Girlboss Uniform just because it sounds way cooler than it actually is, me showing you what I wear everyday at home!

But you know, being that I’m living in either this outfit or a pair of walk-approved leggings and a hoodie recently, I guess this is the only kind of outfit posts you’ll see from me for a while! But the reason why I’m writing this post is because I need to share with any of you, even if you don’t work from home, my discovery of these amazing H&M Joggers!

H&M trousers and pink Mint&Berry shirt
My working from home uniform
Mint&Berry Pink Blouse
Tiger Coffee Glass
#Girlboss Uniform

I’ve bought them during an impromptu first autumnal shopping section, where I planned to quickly pop into H&M Home to see what they had in store… but before even entering that department, they caught my eye! They are as soft as they look, as flattering as I thought they’d have been, and the colour combination of the blush pink elasticated waist and the dark grey of the actual trousers, is just spot on!

They’re actually quite warm, which made me very impatient to finally be able to wear them as the weather would have got chillier, but that makes them pretty perfect for these upcoming colder months. And the pink band happens to match my new Mint&Berry blouse perfectly, it was really meant to be!

H&M Pants and Mint and Berry Blouse
Minimal feminine workspace
My Girlboss Uniform with H&M Joggers and Mint&Berry Blouse

As always, when working from home, I like to be comfortable but at the same time some sorts of put-together: not only just in case someone knocks at the door and I don’t want said someone to see me in my dressing gown, but also because the only action of dressing and seeing myself in some matching clothes makes me feel motivated and reminds me that procrastination on your bed with your PJs on is not really a good idea!

And this combo really makes for the perfect #Girlboss uniform! Pretty but extremely comfy – but please make sure you check those joggers out even if you don’t work from home because they’re pretty much everything a loungewear lover could wish for!


My #Girlboss Uniform

Joggers – H&M ; Blouse – Mint&Berry (Similar)


My Autumn Wishlist!

October 5th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

My Autumn Wishlist ft. ASOS Cachmere Sweater, Aurora Leather Shoes, Oysho Pyjamas & more!

I can’t really express how excited I am about Autumn this year! I have been looking forward to the season of chesnut-picking hikes, orange leaves everywhere, cosy blankets and sweaters and countless cup of tea so very much recently that I might or might not started being a bit impatient for the weather to get chillier, while it still feels too warm for tea at the moment around here.

And with the change of season, I’ve been wanting to invest in some nice new high quality pieces for my wardrobe and home, because, let’s be honest, there’s nothing I love more than autumnal shopping – only second to Christmas shopping, for sure! I surely am not wanting to exclude any candles or new mugs from the party, but I guess I need to admit I might have already built quite the collection on both the two fronts!

But I’ve eyed up a couple of beautiful soft cashmere pieces as well as some woods themed kitchenware this season, and I am surely also into health and fitness a lot more recently, hence why the cookbook and leggings picks couldn’t be left out of this Autumn wishlist of mine!

. L I N K S .
01. Oysho Floral Pyjamas Set ;
02. Peony Marble Print Leggings ;
03. Eat Smart: What to Eat in a Day – Every Day ;
04. Anthropologie Hedgehog Measuring Cups ;
05. ASOS White Cashmere Funnel Neck Sweater ;
06. Aurora’s Shoe Co. Women’s North Pacific ;


What’s on your Autumn wishlist this year? x