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In October I’ve Loved…

November 6th  •  Posted in Favourites

In October I've Loved...

In October I've Loved...

October has been a very busy month and has seen a lot of favourites too! The first and most exciting of the list must be the launch of Miel Café Design, our new web and print design website and shop! And here is the rest of the list…

In October I've Loved...

In October I've Loved...

IKEA KRYDDGLAD Handmade Pouch ; Sparkly Pumpkin & Lord of Misrule Shower (S)cream ℅ Lush

On the beauty front, how not to mention everything Lush during Halloween (and winter in general) season?! I was very excited to try Sparkly Pumpkin in my very first cozy hot baths of the season: made of a blend of juniperberry, grapefruit and lime oils, add a good amounts of bubble and glitters, and you’ll have my bath of dreams! I’m also *loving* their Lord of Misrule Shower (S)cream, a thick green mix of patchouli, Fair Traid vanilla and black pepper which not only leaves the skin super soft, but also has a delicious scent that sticks around for hours (if not an entire day!).

The IKEA KRYDDGLAD Handmade Pouch has been around since a while, but I’ve purchased it only recently and I’m in love! Their KRYDDGLAD collection is handmade in collaboration with social entrepreneurs in India: I love the idea that my pouch is handmade and that they help and support those communities!

In October I've Loved...

Push Lock Across Body Bag ℅ Yoins ; Fine-knit turtle neck – H&M ; Wooden Phone Case – Woodbuds

On the style front I’m completely in love with this Fine-knit turtle neck from H&M recently (I would have never thought I’d wore a turtle neck in my whole life, but being very small and simple I actually love how it looks!): the most cozy autumnal pick so far! Also, that small tan bag from Yoins is just adorable and something I’m wearing everyday since I got it! You’ll see it again very soon!

I wanted to add a special mention about this Woodbuds Phone Case I got just recently: I was introduced to their brand back in springtime and have used their headphones ever since. They only recently launched a limited edition phone case collection, and since I love the style and the brand philosophy I just had to get it! It’s beautifully handcrafted and made of natural wood – and you can totally feel (and see) it!


What’s on your favourites list this month? x

4 Skillshare Classes You Need To Check Out

October 16th  •  Posted in Tech

4 Skillshare Classes You Need To Check Out

As I’ve already mentioned in my latest monthly favourites post, I’ve only recently made the switch to Skillshare‘s premium membership, and I’ve been in love with it ever since! Skillshare is just the perfect place to go where I want to learn something new or different. Especially on the desig front, there’re so many creatives and awesome teachers ready teach you a new skill from zero. And I don’t know about you, but to me learning and trying my hands at something new is always so fun! Thanks to a couple of Skillshare classes I’ve found my way into the beautiful world of calligraphy, which is something I’ve always wanted to give a try to.

I’ve tried and tested a few too many classes since purchasing my premium membership, and I thought it could be nice to gather up four of my favourites. You should really check these ones out!

Adam Whitcroft’s Icon Design – This one, I’ve really loved. Adam Whitcroft is an amazing teacher and makes something I’ve always thought to be so difficult, actually look very simple. Icon design is something I’ve always wanted to give a whirl at: designing websites on a daily basic, I often feel the need to have an icon set of my own, something personal and different from any other. This class will guide you through the process of putting together a cohesive icon set using Illustrator and Photoshop, and in the end you’ll be left with a beautiful, handcrafted set ready to appear on the web!

Jamie Bartlett’s Dry-Ink: Smart Texturing In Photoshop – This class is pretty quick but so very smart and useful. I love to learn new Photoshop tricks, and a dry-ink texture, let’s be honest, always comes handy and looks lovely on texts. This class is very intuitive and easy to follow, great for beginners too!

Bryn Chernoff’s Calligraphy I – If you want to try your hands at calligraphy once in your lifetime but can’t really take part of any of those so-aesthetically-pleasing classes with tea and cupcakes served alongside, you should totally give this class a try. You’ll be guide through the whole process of picking your calligraphy tool, start writing for the first time and finally learn how to write small paragraphs and phrases. In less than 2 hours! With worksheets too! You can’t really go better than this.

Belinda Love Lee’s Digitize Your Own Calligraphy – Following her on social media, I was very excited when this class came out. I loved taking a sneak peek at her design process. This class is great for learning how to quickly digitize your own calligraphy and a little bit more about paper and letterpress, which has always sounded so appealing to me.

Any other fans of Skillshare? What about your favourite classes? x


Pinterest for creative brainstorming

September 14th  •  Posted in Tech

How I Use Pinterest in My Creative Business

As many of you would know, I’ve been running a blog design shop since almost a couple of years, and as I’ve announced a couple of times already, I’m planning and working to expand it and make it look more professional and integrate more of my skills in my work apart from web designing. I don’t even remember when it all started (it has been months that I’m working at the re-launch), but I do remember how I decided to switch things up this time and start with a project in mind everytime I started something new.

The first time I launched my design shop, let’s be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing. It was an experiment, and even though I wanted it to look put-together and to build a few products before launching it, today I’d say I wasn’t organized at all! But it was right, because it was my first time doing it and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have come to this point and have learnt how to work from home, build a routine, create something from scratch and make it into a final product ready to be sold to others.

Since online businesses are everyday more frequent these days, I thought I’d share some behind the scenes of my work a little bit more often, starting from the creative tools and resources I use, which can totally work for any other creative business of any kind. And the biggest, most essential source of inspiration these days to me is good old Pinterest….

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